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Matthew Cooper
Matthew Cooper.jpg
Birth Date Unknown
Occupation Lead Content Designer
Projects Heroes of the Storm

Matthew Cooper is the Lead Content Designer for Blizzard Entertainment currently working on the development team behind Heroes of the Storm.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

Matthew's primary role is leading the balance team. This group is responsible for running play tests and collecting feedback from testers; the balance team uses this data to adjust different aspects of the game, ensuring a consistently fun and balanced experience for players.

Before joining Blizzard, Matthew got his start in the game industry as a balance designer at Relic Entertainment working on Company of Heroes and its expansion set, Opposing Fronts. Matthew then joined Blizzard in 2008 as an associate balance designer, bringing his experience in RTS development to the StarCraft II team, contributing to both StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. He started working on Heroes of the Storm early on in the project, starting out on balance and hero design before getting promoted to game designer and focusing in on talent design and balance in the game.

In his spare time, Matthew enjoys snowboarding, traveling, hiking, camping, playing poker and of course, video games.[2]

Selected media[edit | edit source]

Cooper participated in the Developer Insights series, where he discussed the development of Muradin.

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