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The Sky Temple that floats over Luxoria.

Luxoria is a desert-covered realm that was pulled into the Nexus.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The sands of Luxoria are ever-shifting. In ancient times, they were ruled by Zagara, the Desert Queen of the Scorpid Swarm.[2] Before being pulled into the Nexus, the desert realm was lead by Pharaoh Ta-sadar.[3]

When the swarm threatened to devour Luxoria once more, the pharaoh used the power of the darkworld to save the kingdom, even if that meant being consumed by the transdimensional storm. In the process, Ta-sadar became a crypt king.[3]

However, if Zagara has her way, Luxoria shall once again be ruled by the swarm.[2]

Regions[edit | edit source]

Sky Temple[edit | edit source]

Main article: Sky Temple

A floating temple that serves as a center of worship for the snake god, Ka. The deity also stores his great power within the three minor temples located in the aerial platform.[1] The locals are often troubled by the magical flying Luxorian Monkeys. It can be hard to run a successful bazaar when your merchandise disappears into thin air.[4]

Tomb of the Spider Queen[edit | edit source]

The long forgotten tombs of Luxoria have found a new master. Deep within their timeworn chambers, the Spider Queen Neithis stirs from her ancient slumber. Present her with the gems of power she seeks, and you may just escape with your lives.[5]

Lost Cavern[edit | edit source]

Main article: Lost Cavern

Lost cavern.[6]

Luxoria content[edit | edit source]

Skins[edit | edit source]

  • Epic Bronze Tiger Kharazim
    • Backstory: For centuries, the Order of the Bronze Tiger has trained its disciples for the return of the Scorpid Swarm. Now, at long last, the time has come to put their skills to the test.
  • Epic Crypt King Tassadar
    • Backstory: Pharaoh Ta-sadar knew the power of the darkworld would consume his realm, but Luxoria would still survive... Better the Nexus devour his kingdom than the Scorpid Swarm.
  • Epic Desert Queen Zagara
    • Backstory: The sands of Luxoria are ever shifting. In ancient times, they were ruled by the Scorpid Swarm, and if the ancient Queen Zagara has her way, they shall be once again.
  • Epic Dream Genie Chromie
    • Backstory: Despite their immense magical power, Luxorian genies usually guide and influence mortals by appearing in their dreams. Chromie, however, favors a more direct approach.
  • Epic Flying Monkey Brightwing
    • Backstory: The magical flying creatures of Sky Temple often cause trouble for the locals. It can be hard to run a successful bazaar when your merchandise disappears into thin air.
  • Rare Serpent King Xul
    • Backstory: While the Serpent King acted as Pharaoh Ta-sadar's vizier, his true loyalty had always belonged to the Spider Queen. Once he saw his chance, Xul's betrayal was as swift as a serpent's strike.

Mounts[edit | edit source]

  • Magic Carpet
    • Backstory: Hop on, and I'll show you a whole new world. Hey! Don't you DARE close your eyes!
  • Heroes of the Storm Cloud Serpent
    • Backstory: At the height of his reign, Serpent King Xul's elite soldiers blotted out the sun on the backs of their Cloud Serpents. With his debt to the Spider Queen fulfilled, those times may soon come again.
    • Price: Gem.png350 / Shard.png400
    • Note: This mount matches Serpent King Xul

References[edit | edit source]