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Dragon Shire[edit | edit source]

Briefing[edit | edit source]

Event Quote Audio
Briefing "The Gardens of Dragon Shire... Radiant, are they not? And yet they are founded on a lie..."
"The people have forgotten my lineage, that this realm was once ruled by Dragons."
"Activate the sun and the moon shrines, and the magic that seals away my Dragon Knight will weaken."
"I shall lend you its power. Burn your enemies. Shatter their fortifcations. Remind this world of its true heritage."
"The Dragon will be reborn. Control its power, or be destroyed by it... Your choice."

Battleground[edit | edit source]

Event Quote Audio Background
Shrines charging first time You think yourself worthy to wield the Dragon Knight's power? Prove it. Take control of the shrines.
Shrines Spawn First Capture the shrines. Inherit the Dragon Knight's power and lay waste to this forsaken kingdom.
Shrines Spawn Repeat Take hold of the shrines. Earn the Dragon Knight's power.
Harness the power of sun and moon. Put an end to this cursed realm.
Become the Dragon Knight and claim vengeance for my family.
My husband is dead. Remind this kingdom of his strength.
There must always be a Dragon Knight. But will it be you?
Control both shrines, and the Dragon Knight's power is yours.
Avenge my husband! Earn his power and destroy your enemies!
Two Shrines Taken (Allied) It is time! Release the Dragon Knight!
The Dragon's power is yours, heroes!
Devastate your enemies!
The time has come! Unleash the Dragon's power!
Two Shrines Taken (Enemy) Soon you shall face the Dragon's wrath.
Your enemy controls the shrines, heroes...
Your time grows short, heroes.
The end is nigh, the Dragon shall be reborn by your enemy's hands.
Allied Dragon Spawn Reduce everything to ash!
Make your enemies suffer as I have!
I tried to save this realm. Now it burns!
Incinerate all who oppose this realm's rebirth!
Enemy Dragon Spawn You shall burn.
The flame cleanses all.
The Dragon Knight shall reduce you to cinders.
The fire comes for you!
Dragon Death The power is yours no longer.
I have seen enough. For now.
That beast is not my beloved. Not anymore.
His strength was never yours to keep.
Shrines Charge Repeat My beloved is gone, but his power remains. Control the shrines and make use of it.
Another chance to prove yourself worthy. Do not squander it.
Power gathers within the shrines. Seize them and become the new Dragon Knight.
The shrines awaken once more. Who will wield the Dragon Knight's ancient strength?
Prepare yourselves, heroes. The shrines will soon be active again.
It won't be long before the shrines are ready for the taking.

Removed[edit | edit source]

Event Quote Audio
Shrines charging first time The ancient shrines awaken. Control them and let loose the Dragon Knight!
Shrines Spawn First Hurry, activate the shrines and the Dragon's power is yours.
Shrines Spawn Repeat The dragon shall rest no longer... Unleash its power!
Activate the shrines. Take the Dragon Knight's power!
Free the Dragon Knight, and slaughter your enemies!
The Dragon awaits, heroes! Free him, and destroy your enemy.
Shrines Charge Repeat The shrines are gathering power. The Dragon Knight calls from within the stone.
Soon the shrines shall awaken, heroes...
Power gathers within the shrines. Unleash the dragon's wrath!
The shrines awaken once more. Who will control the Dragon Knight's power?

Generic[edit | edit source]

Event Quote Audio Background
Start of a Match Players spawning Heroes, prepare for combat.
countdown Battle commencing in...
Ten seconds.
Battle begins Let the battle begin!
Fight well, heroes!
Unleash the dragon's wrath!
Talents Unlocked Choose a talent.
Player Abandons A hero has abandoned the battle.
Player Rejoins A hero has rejoined the battle.
Player Kills Enemy slain.
<dark laughter>
Well done.
That was rather entertaining.
A killing blow.
You've impressed me, hero.
Your enemies fall before you.
An excellent strike.
Show no mercy.
Your foes will rue this day.
Double Kill Double kill.
Triple Kill Triple kill.
Quadruple Kill Quad kill.
Mega Kill Mega kill.
First Blood First blood.
Player Deaths You have been slain.
Rise again, and take your revenge, hero.
Free the dragon... Unleash its power.
Your deeds shall be remembered.
The fight is not yet over.
Just a flesh wound. You will recover.
A minor defeat. Do not allow it to deter you.
Death on a Killing Spree Your killing spree has ended.
Ally Death on a Killing Spree Your team's killing spree has ended.
Enemy Team Wiped Enemy team dominated.
Killing Spree Killing Spree Killing spree.
''tier 1
(5 takedowns)
tier 2
(10 takedowns)
tier 3
(15 takedowns)
tier 4
(20 takedowns)
Hero of the Storm.
Enemy Fort Destroyed Fort destroyed.
<laugh> Glorious.
Leave only ruins.
Fort shattered.
Well struck, heroes.
The enemy's fort crumbles into dust.
Enemy Keep Destroyed Keep destroyed.
That keep is no more.
An enemy keep has fallen.
Own Fort Lost Your enemy has destroyed a fort.
You have lost a fort, heroes.
Your fort has fallen.
Fort lost.
The enemy has brought down your fort. File:LadyofThorns OutpostLost04.ogg
Your fort has been overrun. File:LadyofThorns OutpostLost05.ogg
Own Keep Lost Your foe has destroyed a keep.
Your enemies have dismantled a keep.
It seems you have lost a keep.
Our keep has been reduced to rubble.
Core Is Under Attack The enemy is attacking your core!
Your core is under attack.
Victory Victory.
Well deserved, heroes.
Revel in your triumph.
Defeat Defeat.
None are spared the flame.
The dragon shall rise again.
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