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Kharazim Skins
Rare Veradani Monk
Backstory: To the monks of Ivgorod, the gods are in all things, and their divine will is proclaimed by the Patriarchs. With unshakable faith, Kharazim carries forth the decrees of the thousand and one gods to the ends of Sanctuary and the realms beyond.
Kharazim Veradani Monk.jpg
Gem.png625 / Money.png7,000
Veradani Monk
Kharazim Verdant.jpg
Kharazim Nomad.jpg
Kharazim Northern.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Rare Berserker
Backstory: Though his memories elude him, Kharazim knows that his past is marked by his feral rage. Thankfully, the Hellfire Cabal provides the perfect target for his aggression.
Kharazim Berserker.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Kharazim Berserker Old.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Epic Bronze Tiger
Backstory: For centuries, the Order of the Bronze Tiger has trained its disciples for the return of the Scorpid Swarm. Now, at long last, the time has come to put their skills to the test.
Features: Themed abilities.
Notes: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of Luxoria skins.
Kharazim Bronze Tiger.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png400
Kharazim Bronze Tiger Violet.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png400
Kharazim Bronze Tiger Primal.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png400
Kharazim Bronze Tiger Wildstone.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png400
Kharazim Bronze Tiger Sanguine.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png400
Rare Jade Dragon
Backstory: Wielding Shi'ron's Sacred Flames is an honor given only to the Grandmaster of the Jade Dragon order. In martial combat, Kharazim has no equal--even among the Onyx Empire's Terrorguard.
Kharazim Jade Dragon.jpg
Gem.png160 / Shard.png100
Kharazim Jade Dragon Flame.jpg
Gem.png160 / Shard.png100
Kharazim Jade Dragon Eternal.jpg
Gem.png160 / Shard.png100
Rare Nephalem
Backstory: With the Worldstone's destruction, a new generation of Nephalem arose. They were descended from both angels and demons, yet stronger than both. It was not long before the Nephalem's glory was fully realized.
Kharazim Nephalem.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Rare Patriarch
Backstory: To the Veradani, the distinction between armor and weaponry is open to interpretation. What can provide defense, can provide offense, if the application is right.
Kharazim Patriarch.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Kharazim Patriarch Shadow.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Kharazim Patriarch Golden.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Kharazim Event Skins
Epic Dropkick Nexomania
Backstory: Originally hailing from the mixed martial art leagues of the distant Republic of Ivgorod, Aengus "Dropkick" Kharazim has finally found some moderate fame fighting against the Luchadors in the Nexomania event.
Features: Themed abilities.
Notes: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of Nexomania skins.
Kharazim Dropkick.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png400
Kharazim Dropkick Champion.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png400
Kharazim Dropkick Dropdead.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png400
Kharazim Dropkick Maritime.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png400
Epic Street Cyborg Caldeum Complex
Backstory: The infamous cyborg brawler known as Kharazim commands the Onyx Turtles, a hardy alliance of street fighters and gladiators who reluctantly partnered with the Azure Dragons to defy the oppresion of Jigoku Cybernetics.
Features: Altered voice-over, themed abilities, themed animations.
Notes: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of Caldeum Complex skins.
Kharazim Street Cyborg.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png400
Kharazim Street Cyborg Electric.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png400
Kharazim Street Cyborg Hardened.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png400
Rare Winter Veil Winter Veil
Backstory: The God of Winter is one of the Veradani's most important deities. He is sometimes associated with the God of Gifts, to the delight of all.
Notes: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of holiday skins.
Kharazim Winter Veil.jpg
Gem.png160 / Shard.png100
Kharazim Winter Veil Evergreen.jpg
Gem.png160 / Shard.png100
Kharazim Winter Veil Rosy.jpg
Gem.png160 / Shard.png100
Kharazim Winter Veil Coal.jpg
Gem.png160 / Shard.png100
Kharazim Winter Veil Frozen.jpg
Gem.png160 / Shard.png100