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Kerrigan Sprays
Bad Romance Spray.gif
Bad Romance
Gem.png 250 / 300Shard.png
Carbot Kerrigan Spray.png
Carbot Kerrigan
Gem.png 120 / 75Shard.png
Countess Kerrigan Spray.png
Hallow's End Countess Kerrigan
Gem.png 75 / 40Shard.png
Hologram Kerrigan Spray.png
Caldeum Complex Hologram Kerrigan
Gem.png 180 / 112Shard.png
Kerrigan Icon Spray.png
Kerrigan Icon
Gem.png 75 / 40Shard.png
La Fantasma Kerrigan Spray.png
Nexomania La Fantasma Kerrigan
Model KR1-GN Insignia Spray.png
Model KR1-GN Insignia
Gem.png 75 / 40Shard.png

Old Timey Cheerleader Kerrigan Spray.png
Old Timey Cheerleader Kerrigan
Gem.png 75 / 40Shard.png
Puppet Kerrigan Spray.png
Toys Puppet Kerrigan
Queen of Evil Kerrigan Spray.png
Queen of Evil Kerrigan
Gem.png 75 / 40Shard.png
Queen of Ghosts Spray.png
Queen of Ghosts
Gem.png 75 / 40Shard.png
Tattoo Ghost Kerrigan Spray.png
Tattoo Ghost Kerrigan
Gem.png 75 / 40Shard.png