Kent-Erik Hagman

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Kent-Erik Hagman
Kent-Erik Hagman.jpg
Birth Date Unknown
Occupation Hero Designer
Projects Heroes of the Storm

Kent-Erik Hagman was a Hero Designer at Blizzard Entertainment.

Background[edit | edit source]

Kent-Erik works on taking iconic characters from the company's library of games and turning them into playable characters for Heroes of the Storm. While he primarily spends his days designing new heroes, he also helps shape talent trees and contributes to testing and refining older characters.

Hagman joined Blizzard Entertainment in 2011 as an online systems designer on the team, working on features for Diablo III and the client. When the opportunity arose, he took on the challenge of creating the original tutorial and new player experience for Heroes of the Storm, then transitioning to map and battleground design before shifting his focus full-time to character design.

Kent-Erik is an avid Blizzard gamer who spends many hours ranking up in Hearthstone and racking up Conquests on his Diablo III hardcore characters. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Sciences and Engineering from the University of Florida.[1]

Selected media[edit | edit source]

Hagman participated in the Developer Insights series, where he discussed the development of Murky, Rehgar, Kerrigan and Anub'arak.

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