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Event Quote Audio
Briefing "How dare you bring your war to Luxoria!"
"My temples were built for worship, but they are also powerful weapons."
"But you... I do not grant you my power"
"Should you try to claim them, my guardians will cleave you in twain."
"Turn back now. Before you are found... lacking."
Start of a Match "I would prepare for your ceaseless battle. If you wish to live that is."
"The temple opens in... [Countdown]."
"Let your battle begin."
"Go, fight... do whatever it is you do."
"Slay each other."
Temple Activation "The light of the sun grows within the temples. Soon, they shall bask in my glory."
"Yes, my magic flows through the temples... Guardians, do not let these mortals approach them."
Temple Deactivation "My temples' magic subsides. Find something else to fight over."
"And so the light fades from my temples. But it will return again" (chuckles).
"My temples' power has been expended. You are stronger than I believed."
"You have stolen enough of my temples' power. Return to your 'war,' heroes."
"The magic of the temples sleeps... until I choose otherwise." (chuckles).
Player Abandons "It seems a hero has taken my advice and left the battle."
Player Rejoins "A pity... the hero came back."
Player Kills "Now that was a kill."
"You have some skill, it's true."
"Hm. Decent."
"Enemy slain."
"Good. Now, the rest."
Player Deaths "You, have been slain."
"See? I'm always right..."
"At least it's temporary."
"Don't think I'll just let you die."
"No, you will rise agiain."
"The dead have a habit of returning in Luxoria."
Enemy Fort destroyed "There goes a fort."
"I hope someone needed that."
"Look at it crumble."
"That was almost interesting."
"Fort destroyed."
"Yes, rid their forts from my land."
"Enemy fort leveled."
Enemy Keep destroyed "Keep destroyed."
"Keep annihilated."
"There goes the keep..."
Own Fort lost "Your enemy has destroyed a fort."
"You have lost a fort."
"I believe that was your fort."
"Your fort has fallen."
"The enemy has shattered a fort."
"Fort lost, heroes."
Own Keep lost "Your enemy has destroyed a keep.."
"Your foes have annihilated a keep."
"Oh look--your keep is but wreckage."
Core is under attack "(clears throat) Your core is under attack."
"Your enemy is attacking your core."
Victory "It's over now. Leave my domain."
"Victorious! How unexpected."
"Do you expect congratulations? Hmph.."
Defeat "Defeat."
"Do visit again..."
"The darkness has taken you."

Hero Quotes
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Melee Assassins Melee Assassin

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Support Support

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Announcer Quotes
Warcraft Warcraft

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StarCraft StarCraft

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