John Hodgson

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John Hodgson
John Hodgson.jpg
Birth Date Unknown
Occupation Lead Technical Designer
Projects Heroes of the Storm

John Hodgson is a lead technical designer at Blizzard Entertainment on the team developing Heroes of the Storm.

Background[edit | edit source]

Hodgson is responsible for many aspects of the game’s content and system design, and personally implements many of those designs into the game. Over the course of development, he has been involved in designing many of the game's Heroes, maps, and game systems.

Hodgson began his career at Blizzard Entertainment in 2012 as a technical designer for Heroes of the Storm. Prior to joining the company, he worked on 13th Age: Forge of Heroes for Fire Opal Media.

Hodgson holds dual B.S. degrees in Chemistry and Computer Science and an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of South Carolina. In his spare time, he enjoys playing classic games and following games research in academia.[1]

Selected media[edit | edit source]

Hodgson participated in the Developer Insights series, where he discussed the development of Chen.

References[edit | edit source]