Jaycie Gluck

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Jaycie Gluck
Birth Date July 16, 1987
Occupation Caster
Projects Caster of Heroes of the Dorm

Jaycie Gluck, nicknamed Gillyweed, is a Streamer and Caster of Heroes of the Dorm.

Background[edit | edit source]

Gluck has been one of the faces of Heroes esports since the technical alpha. The Kansas native got her start in StarCraft after attending the second Lone Star Clash LAN event at the University of Texas in Austin—a city Gillyweed has called home for most of her adult life.

While it was tough to break through in a scene as established as competitive StarCraft, Gillyweed found her true calling in Heroes of the Storm, where she began a podcast called “Eye on the Storm” with her cohost Anna Prosser Robinson. She began her casting career providing commentary for the Heroes Hype Amateur Series in 2015. Since then, she’s cast a multitude of Heroes events, including BlizzCon, Heroes of the Dorm, and the Americas Championship.[1]

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