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Voice Lines[edit | edit source]

Availability Quote Audio
Shard.png40 This Is For Theramore!
Knowledge is Power

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Hero Quote Audio
Emoji Anduin Pack 1 Anduin Happy.png


  • Jaina: Anduin! Is that you? I can't believe how much you've grown!
  • Anduin: I've got your back, Jaina. Always will.

Emoji Garrosh Pack 1 Garrosh Sad.png


  • Jaina: Garrosh. You will pay tenfold for every life you took, you murderous coward!
  • Garrosh: You dare to insult my honor? When this is over, you will pay for that with your life!
  • Garrosh: Treacherous Alliance dog. Get in my way and I will cut you down!
  • Jaina: You are a rabid dog who will be put down!
Emoji Thrall Pack 1 Thrall Happy.png


  • Jaina: Thrall. Shouldn't you be dropping that hammer in a hole somewhere?
  • Thrall: The waiting ends shortly, I hope your tongue follows suit.
  • Thrall: Jaina, it's been a long time.
  • Jaina: Warchief Thrall. (scoffs) Not nearly long enough.
Emoji Jaina Pack 1 Jaina Happy.png


  • Jaina: Are you ready for this?
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Jaina: Oh, it's on.
Emoji Jaina Pack 1 Jaina Meh.png



  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Jaina: I have nothing to say to you!

Eliminations[edit | edit source]

Hero Quote Audio
vs. Horde hero Never forget Theramore!
vs. Thrall You should've stayed warchief!

Commands[edit | edit source]

Command Quote Audio
Attack Knowledge is power!
This is for Theramore!

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Use Quote Audio
Lock-in For the Alliance!

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