Infernal Shrines

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Infernal Shrines
Infernal Shrines.jpg
Battleground Information
Unique Objectives
  • The Infernal Shrines periodically gather power. Activate them and prepare for a fight.
  • Slay 40 Guardians before the enemy team to bring forth a mighty Punisher.
  • Punishers have one of three devastating powers. Be careful, they focus on attacking heroes above all else.
First Objective 3:00 minutes
Subsequent Objectives 1:55 minutes after the last Punisher dies
Lanes 3
Announcer Beleth & Ilarian
Realm Sanctuary
Release Date August 18, 2015
Demonic corruption threatens the Gardens of Hope. Called forth by the Shrines, Punishers prowl the battlefield, terrifying creatures that live to destroy heroes. Defeat the Shrines' Guardians before your enemies do, and the next Punisher will fight for you; fail, and face the demon's wrath. [1]

Infernal Shrines is a three-lane Diablo-themed Battleground featuring three shrines that will periodically gather power. Teams can unleash this power by activating a shrine, defeating its guardians, and summoning a devastating Punisher to fight for them. These powerful bosses will spawn with one of three deadly affixes — Arcane, Frozen, or Mortar — and will hunt down nearby enemy Heroes as well as pushing the lane closest to their shrine.[2][3]

The first Battleground objective event will activate 3 minutes into the match, following a 30-second warning.

Map layout[edit | edit source]

The "Infernal Shrines" battleground has three lanes with one shrine in the middle of each lane.

Infernal Shrines map.jpg

Mercenary camps[edit | edit source]

There are five mercenary camps to be recruited in this battleground:

  • Two Fallen Shamans - located near the top lane will push the lane when captured.
  • Three Impalers - located located near middle and bottom lane.

Unique Objective[edit | edit source]

Core Ability: Frozen Orbs[edit | edit source]

  • Every 12 seconds, the Core will spawn 2 volleys of Frozen Orbs that explode, dealing 5% maximum Health as damage and Rooting enemy Heroes hit for 1.5 seconds.

Activate the Shrines[edit | edit source]

Loadscreen shrines icon1.png
  • The Infernal Shrines periodically gather power. The location of the first Shrine will appear on the Minimap 30 seconds after the game begins, and subsequent indicators will appear 30 seconds after a Punisher is defeated. The first Shrine activates 3:00 minutes into the match, following a 30-second warning.
  • 99.985% of the time, a shrine's location and type will both be different from the previous one. Otherwise (0.015%), a shrine's location and/or type can be the same as the previous one.
    • Hover the cursor over a Shrine indicator on the Minimap to display whether it will be a Mortar, Frost, or Arcane Shrine. You can also tell which Punisher will spawn by the color of the shrine. Purple is Arcane, orange is Mortar, and blue is Frozen.
  • Activate them and prepare for a fight.

Defeat Guardians[edit | edit source]

Loadscreen shrines icon2.png
  • Periodically the shrines gather magical energy. When a hero activates it, Skeletal Defenders appear.
  • The Skeletal Defenders spawn in 0.15 second intervals until 10 monsters exist. From that point, a 5-second timer starts, which triggers another Skeletal Defender spawn.
  • The first team to kill 40 of them will summon a Punisher for their team.

Beware the Punisher[edit | edit source]

Loadscreen shrines icon3.png
  • Punishers will go after enemy heroes first, using everything in their arsenal to wreak havoc. Use your Punisher to push against the enemy, either by joining it in battle against other heroes or by letting it buy you time to take out enemy fortifications.
  • There are three kinds of Punisher that can emerge from a shrine:
    • Arcane – The Punisher summons beams of arcane energy which rotate in a circular motion, and deal massive damage to enemy targets they pass through.
    • Frozen – The Punisher calls forth frigid ice shards, which explode after a short delay, dealing damage and rooting enemies in place for a short time. When Frozen explosions damage an enemy Structure, they are disabled for 3 seconds
    • Mortar – The Punisher launches a stream of firebombs high into the air, which explode and deal damage to any enemies they strike upon landing.
  • Hover the cursor over a Shrine indicator on the Minimap to display whether it will be a Mortar, Frost, or Arcane Shrine.
  • The location of the subsequent Shrine will appear on the Minimap 30 seconds after a Punisher is defeated.

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