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Mastering the controls makes the game much easier. It's a good idea to check the default settings and adjust them to your liking.

Control Effect
Right Mouse Button Move your character and use Basic Attack on a target
A, then Left-click on location Move your character and Basic Attack any target on the way
Q, W, E Basic Abilities
D Trait
R Heroic Ability
Alt + Q,W,E,R,D Self cast an ability
Z Mount/Unmount
B Use Hearthstone and teleport to the Hall of Storms
T Use a Spray
I Use a Voice Line
J Mastery Taunt
J Mastery Taunt
F Map Mechanic Ability
Spacebar Return camera to hero
Mouse scroll wheel Zoom in/out
G or Alt + Left-click Pings for teammates
Tab Game stats/talents
C Character stats
Left Mouse Button on a target Show Target Info Panel