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A lineup of heroes on the hero selection screen.

Heroes are the unique playable characters in Heroes of the Storm. A player chooses a single Hero, each having different abilities and Talents. Heroes can fight other Heroes and be slain, respawning in the Hall of Storms after death. They can also collect experience, increasing Heroes' power and granting them access to new Talents.

The Heroes are characters from the Blizzard Entertainment franchise universes of Diablo, Overwatch, Starcraft, Warcraft, and Blizzard Classic games (The Lost Vikings) and are divided into four different roles: Assassin, Specialist, Support, and Warrior. There are currently 85 Heroes in the game, with Imperius being the most recent addition. Additionally, most Heroes can choose from multiple Mounts (some having special mounts) and have multiple Skins available for purchase in-game, with some forming a shared theme with other character Skins.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

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Every Hero starts with four Abilities, consisting of only three Basic Abilities and a Trait. All of these skills are available to use at the start of the game and can be customized through the Talents. At level 10, Heroes also receive a Heroic Ability chosen by the player, unique to the Hero. At level 20, Heroes can choose to upgrade their chosen Heroic Ability or pick from a few powerful other options. Abilities scale in effectiveness progressively as Heroes level up by gaining Experience. Abilities do not scale individually except through certain Talents.

Roles[edit | edit source]

Assassin Heroes[edit | edit source]

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Slayers of heroes and bringers of pain. Assassins dish out high damage to single targets. They often rely on their abilities and basic attacks to deal damage, and benefit from lots of attack damage and ability power to increase their effectiveness. There are currently 35 Assassin heroes.

Warrior Heroes[edit | edit source]

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Front-line defenders and bruisers. Warriors are effective at absorbing damage and disabling enemies, allowing them to act as a buffer between their weaker teammates and the enemy. Warriors have high Health and benefit from lots of defenses. Warriors often have melee attacks as opposed to ranged attacks. There are currently 23 Warrior heroes.

Support Heroes[edit | edit source]

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Healers, buffers, and everyone's best friends. Supports can heal and buff their teammates, keeping them alive and preventing them from falling in battle, effectively denying the enemy kills. Supports benefit from ability power and cooldown reduction to improve their Abilities, as well as more Mana to let them keep throwing out spells. There are currently 16 Support heroes.

Specialist Heroes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Specialist

Rule breakers and masters of unconventional warfare. Specialists have a wide array of play styles and strategies, from besieging enemy forts to commanding allied Heroes. Specialists benefit from many different bonuses, but cooldown reduction and Mana allow them to use their abilities frequently. There are currently 12 Specialist heroes.

Multiclass Heroes[edit | edit source]

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Heroes defined by their talents rather than role. Multiclass heroes are able to choose from two or more roles, depending on the Talents you choose during a game. Multiclass heroes are the jack of all trades who are able to help their team by choosing the role that would best suit the team for the game at hand. Varian is currently the only Multiclass hero.

Heroes confirmed for future releases[edit | edit source]

The following Heroes have been confirmed for future releases:

Other Heroes[edit | edit source]

The following Heroes had models shown but haven't been officially announced:

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