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Health is how much damage something can sustain before being destroyed or killed.

Health (or Hit Points, HP) is a measurement of the maximum hit points a target has. Health is reduced when the target takes damage from basic attacks or abilities.

Heroes have a base health at level 1, and gain health at each level up. Both of these vary by hero. Health is subject to Scaling. Health can also be increased by certain abilities, and through some talents. When a hero's hit points hit 0, they die. When a hero takes damage, it first depletes any shields they have and then begins to reduce their hit points. Health is a hero's primary defensive statistic, as damage is not reduced.

List of Heroes by Health[edit | edit source]

Name Role Health
Abathur Support 685
Murky Melee 730
Erik Support 767
Baleog Support 1,095
Fenix Ranged 1,140
Li-Ming Ranged 1,232
Probius Ranged 1,260
Valla Ranged 1,273
Tracer Ranged 1,280
Tassadar Support 1,287
Nova Ranged 1,300
Hanzo Ranged 1,323
Junkrat Ranged 1,350
Falstad Ranged 1,365
Jaina Ranged 1,365
Chromie Ranged 1,390
Whitemane Healer 1,400
Olaf Support 1,424
Lunara Ranged 1,430
Lúcio Healer 1,442
Kel'Thuzad Ranged 1,445
Raynor Ranged 1,450
Brightwing Healer 1,450
Medivh Support 1,470
Li Li Healer 1,500
Nazeebo Ranged 1,502
Tyrande Healer 1,511
Kael'thas Ranged 1,520
Orphea Ranged 1,525
Malfurion Healer 1,525
Lt. Morales Healer 1,545
Zagara Ranged 1,575
Ana Healer 1,598
Deckard Healer 1,598
Genji Ranged 1,620
Misha Bruiser 1,620
Zeratul Melee 1,622
Sylvanas Ranged 1,650
Illidan Melee 1,650
Anduin Healer 1,665
Alexstrasza Healer 1,698
Auriel Healer 1,700
Gul'dan Ranged 1,700
Sgt. Hammer Ranged 1,720
Samuro Melee 1,725
Kerrigan Melee 1,764
Stukov Healer 1,765
Rexxar Bruiser 1,810
Gazlowe Melee 1,826
Cassia Ranged 1,840
Zul'jin Ranged 1,875
Greymane Ranged 1,876
Thrall Bruiser 1,876
Alarak Melee 1,900
Tychus Ranged 1,925
Malthael Bruiser 1,962
Qhira Melee 1,962
Mephisto Ranged 1,968
D.Va Bruiser 2,000
Xul Bruiser 2,000
Maiev Melee 2,021
Kharazim Healer 2,027
Valeera Melee 2,047
Rehgar Healer 2,049
Garrosh Tank 2,060
Ragnaros Bruiser 2,075
Anub'arak Tank 2,100
Varian Bruiser 2,116
The Butcher Melee 2,154
Uther Healer 2,156
E.T.C. Tank 2,250
Zarya Support 2,292
Sonya Bruiser 2,341
Dehaka Bruiser 2,434
Imperius Bruiser 2,450
Azmodan Ranged 2,464
Azmodan Ranged 2,464
Leoric Bruiser 2,468
Artanis Bruiser 2,470
Chen Bruiser 2,473
Tyrael Tank 2,517
Mal'Ganis Tank 2,600
Diablo Tank 2,670
Yrel Bruiser 2,678
Johanna Tank 2,700
Muradin Tank 2,765
Arthas Tank 2,782
Cho Tank 2,850
Blaze Tank 2,900
Cho'gall Cho'gall 2,950
Stitches Tank 3,060

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