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Healer is a class of hero that will be implemented in the 2019 redesign of Heroes of the Storm. They are heroes that possess the ability to restore HP to allies and themselves by healing.

List of Healer heroes[edit | edit source]

Hero Franchise Info
Warcraft Warcraft A Healer who shares her Health with allies and can transform into a Dragon to empower her Abilities.
Overwatch Overwatch A versatile Support who helped found the world-protecting team of heroes known as Overwatch.
Diablo (franchise) Diablo A ranged Support whose healing capabilities are dependent on the damage she and her allies deal
Warcraft Warcraft A strategic support that can quickly teleport to allies, and Polymorphs enemies.
Diablo (franchise) Diablo A burst Healer who excels at preparing battlefield before a fight and can cripple enemies with crowd control.
Diablo (franchise) Diablo A versatile support that can be either a healer or a fighter depending where the need is greatest.
Warcraft Warcraft A positional support that protects her allies by throwing out Healing Brew and blinding enemies.
StarCraft StarCraft A dedicated support that heals a single ally near her. Shields allies and knocks back enemies.
Overwatch Overwatch A highly mobile Support who constantly heals or grants Movement Speed to all allies around him.
Warcraft Warcraft Heals allies and restores their Mana. Able to reveal and root groups of enemies from a distance.
Warcraft Warcraft Transforms into a spirit wolf instead of mounting. Slows enemies, heals allies, and grants them a damaging shield.
StarCraft StarCraft
Warcraft Warcraft Marks enemy targets so they take increased damage. Summons owls to scout out enemy positions.
Warcraft Warcraft Heals allies, stuns enemies, and returns as a Spirit to heal after dying.
Warcraft Warcraft A versatile Healer who heals her allies by smithing her foes.