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Event Quote Audio
Hallow's End Brawl "Prepare yourselves, or be overwhelmed. The horseman descends upon this realm!" (maniacal laugh)
You thought me killed, dead and done. Soon you shall be the fallen one.
The skies grow dark. The flames burn bright! None shall escape the horseman's sight!
On your guard, the time is nigh! The Headless Horseman darkens the sky!
No matter the realm, it's all the same; I will sear you all with burning flame!
Heroes beware, your time draws near! The Nexus shall learn the meaning of fear!
Let my flames burn bright, and defend this lost knight!
Harken, cur! 'Tis you I spurn! Listen well, and feel the burn!
So boorish and dull, I'll shatter your skull!
Face me and die, you have no choice. No man or beast shall quell my voice.
Meet my blade and know your demise. All hold guilt before my eyes.
Ah, Grave Keeper, your heroes strike true. Beware, Raven Lord, my flames come for you!
The Grave Keeper's heroes I must commend, now the Raven Lord's reign shall surely end!
My flames shall see the Raven Lord fall, I now heed the Grave Keeper's call!
The Grave Keeper's heroes have won the clash, so the Raven Lord must be burned to ash!
Grave Keeper, victory is yours! Now we assail the Raven Lord's core.
Raven Lord, your heroes have come out ahead. Let the Grave Keeper join his hallowed dead!
My favor the Raven Lord's heroes have claimed. Now let the Grave Keeper's core be maimed!
The Raven Lord's heroes have passed the test. The Grave Keeper shall now be laid to rest!
The Raven Lord's cause has been proven just. Grave Keeper, you shall be reduced to dust!
Raven Lord, your heroes have won. The Grave Keeper's woe has just begun!

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