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Haunted Mines[edit | edit source]

Event Quote Audio
Briefing "Welcome, foolish heroes... to the Haunted Mines. Here, death reigns eternal..."
"Soon the mines will open... and the terrors within shall awaken."
<laugh> "Perhaps, you and I can make a pact that benefits us both."
"Slay the undead. Wrest their cursed skulls from them."
"In turn, I will summon forth my mighty bone golems."
"They will destroy your enemy's defenses. So... do we have deal?"

Towers of Doom[edit | edit source]

Event Quote Audio
Briefing Grave Keeper: "The time has come. Raven Court will belong to the Grave Keeper."
Raven Lord: <chuckle> "None approach without my blessing. Be gone, before I force you out."
Grave Keeper: "If we can't attack directly, we will turn your weapons against you."
Raven Lord: "So I see. But the towers are nothing"...
Raven Lord: ..."without the altars to fire them."
Grave Keeper: "Ah, ah, ah! That's MY specialty. Heroes, to battle! This realm will be mine!"

Generic[edit | edit source]

Event Quote Audio
Start of a Match "Get ready for combat, heroes."
"Battle commencing in..."
"Let the battle begin!"
"Fight, kill!"
"Now go, and summon my golems!"
Player Abandons "A hero has abandoned the battle."
Player Rejoins "A hero has rejoined the battle."
Player Kills "Enemy slain."
"Well done."
<amused laughter>
"More bones for the mines."
"Your enemies fall before you."
"Double kill."
"Triple kill."
"Quad kill."
"Mega kill."
"Enemy team dominated."
Player Deaths "You have been slain."
"Did I not mention this land is beyond death?"
"You will return shortly..."
Enemy Fort destroyed "Fort destroyed."
"A fort has fallen."
"Fort demolished."
"Enemy fort shattered."
Enemy Keep destroyed "Keep destroyed."
"Their keep has fallen."
"Your enemy's keep falls."
Own Fort lost "The enemy has destroyed a fort."
"Careful, you've lost a fort."
"Your fort has fallen."
Own Keep lost "Your enemy has destroyed a keep."
"You have lost a keep, heroes."
"Keep lost."
Core is under attack "Your core is under attack, heroes!"
"Hurry, the enemy is attacking your core!"
Victory "Victory."
"You have served me well, heroes."
"Well done... Well done, indeed."
Defeat "Defeat."
"Well, shall we try again?"
"The golems will rise again..."

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