Go4Heroes Americas Cup 2

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Go4Heroes Americas Cup 2
Tournament Information
Organizer ESL
Location Americas
Format Single Elimination
Prize Pool $ 100
Date 12/14/2014
Start Date 12/14/2014
End Date 12/14/2014
Website Website

Go4Heroes is a weekly tournament open to everybody. Placing higher gets you more points to help you qualify for the monthly tournament at the end of the month.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Format[edit | edit source]

  • Single Elimination bracket
    • Matches are Best of 1, with the Finals being a Best of 3

Prize Pool[edit | edit source]

First place team receives $100 in winnings in addition to points.

Place Points Team
First Place 1st 100 C9basicLOGO.png Cloud9
Second Place 2nd 75 G!G.png Glorious! Gaming
Third Place3rd 50 Placeholder.png Team Spartanien

Participants[edit | edit source]

2ARC.png 2ARC Gaming BB.jpg B A R R E L B O Y S C9basicLOGO.png Cloud9 C9 Vortex.jpg Cloud9 Vortex
EST.png ESV.Tempest ESW.png ESV.Wildfire Estarlogo.png eStar Gaming G!G.png Glorious! Gaming
Integrity Gaming Kaos Latin Gamers League of Legends is Better looking 4 team
 Murlocs Inc. Pickup Group  Synapsis Gaming Team Nexus Champ
Placeholder.png Team Spartanien Xelnic Gaming Blue

Results[edit | edit source]

  Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Placeholder.png Team Spartanien
  Placeholder.png Team Spartanien 1
  Pickup Group 0
  Pickup Group 1
  looking 4 team 0
  Placeholder.png Team Spartanien 1
   Murlocs Inc. 0
   Murlocs Inc.
   Murlocs Inc. 1
  Team Nexus Champ 0
  Team Nexus Champ
  Placeholder.png Team Spartanien 0
  C9basicLOGO.png Cloud9 1
  2ARC.png 2ARC Gaming
  2ARC.png 2ARC Gaming 0
  C9basicLOGO.png Cloud9 1
  C9basicLOGO.png Cloud9
  C9basicLOGO.png Cloud9 1
  ESW.png ESV.Wildfire 0
   Synapsis Gaming
   Synapsis Gaming 0
  ESW.png ESV.Wildfire 1
  ESW.png ESV.Wildfire
  C9basicLOGO.png Cloud9 1
  G!G.png Glorious! Gaming 0
  G!G.png Glorious! Gaming
  G!G.png Glorious! Gaming 1
  Integrity Gaming 0
3rd place match
  Integrity Gaming
  G!G.png Glorious! Gaming 1   C9 Vortex.jpg Cloud9 Vortex 0
  Kaos Latin Gamers 0
  Placeholder.png Team Spartanien 1
  Kaos Latin Gaming
  Kaos Latin Gamers 1
  EST.png ESV.Tempest 0
  EST.png ESV.Tempest
  G!G.png Glorious! Gaming 1
  C9 Vortex.jpg Cloud9 Vortex 0
  Estarlogo.png eStar Gaming
   Evil Geniuses 1
  BB.jpg B A R R E L B O Y S 0
  BB.jpg B A R R E L B O Y S
  Estarlogo.png eStar Gaming 0
  C9 Vortex.jpg Cloud9 Vortex 1
  Xelmic Gaming 1
  League of Legends is Better 0
  Xelnic Gaming 0
  C9 Vortex.jpg Cloud9 Vortex 1
  C9 Vortex.jpg Cloud9 Vortex

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