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Targetinfopanel unit arthas ghoul.png
Summon Information
Summoner Arthas
Summon Type Mobile
Duration 15 seconds
Health 1060 (+4% per level)
Attack Damage 20 (+4% per level)
Attack Speed 1.0
Attack Range 1.0
Abilites Sacrifice
Sight radius 7
Movement speed 5
Leash range 10

Ghouls are Summons created by Arthas after learning his Heroic Army of the Dead. Arthas can sacrifice a Ghoul to heal for 267 Health.

Ghouls are summoned at random positions around Arthas, but will reorganize around Arthas at 1.5 range at 60 degree intervals once they are able to move. Ghouls are inable to move for the first 1.3 seconds after being summoned. Ghouls will follow Arthas in this formation until he issues an attack move on an enemy. Each of the Ghouls will then attack this target until they or the target dies or the Ghoul gets leashed. Ghouls persist even after Arthas's death.