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Structure Information
ID TownTownHallL2
Health 11,250
Damage 187.5
Ammunition 40
Debuff Slows movement and attack speed by 40% for 4 sec
Attacks per second 1
Kill XP 800

Forts are fortified positions placed along the lanes in the Battlegrounds. They are bigger than Towers, but smaller than Keeps. The debuff that Forts leave on you slows your movement speed by 40% and attack speed by 40% for 4 seconds. You'll be wanting to let your minions tank the hits from this building.

Each team has one Fort in each lane (except on Towers of Doom). Next to the Forts are Towers, Healing Fountains, and strong Gates that prevent enemies from marching through them.

Early game advantage can be determined by who has destroyed more forts. Losing forts reduces the zone of safety and makes getting exp more dangerous. Forts represent the main form of progression within a match, with the destruction of enemy Forts and Structures serving to remove enemy defenses, allowing for unrestricted movement across the battlefield, and ultimately opening up access to the enemy Core, allowing the team to win the match. With bases heavily fortified, teams need to group up and make coordinated pushes in order to take down enemy Forts. Mercenaries such as Siege Giants and special units such as the Dragon Knight can be very useful for swiftly demolishing Forts.