Fall of King's Crest (Comic)

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Fall of King's Crest
Fall of King's Crest.jpg
Book Information
Issue number #3
Author(s) Justin Dye
Artist(s) Suqling, Sasha Tudvaseva, Ryan Benjamin, Oscar Vega
Pages 14
Publisher Blizzard Entertainment
Release date September 24, 2018
Previous issue Secrets of the Storm
Next issue Orphea
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Fall of King's Crest is the third Heroes of the Storm-themed comic. It is centered around the Raven Lords attack on Kings Crest, and was released on September 24, 2018.

Story[edit | edit source]

The story revolves around the conflict between the Lady of Thorns and the Raven Lord. The Horde unknowingly fought against Lady of Thorns in his name. As being the Lady of Thorns most trusted knights, her children Delia and Verick are tasked with shepherding the civilians of King's Crest to safety. In an attempt to turn the tide against the Raven Lord's invasion, the two awaken their father, the Dragon Knight, which allows the Raven Lord to possess him. This forces the Lady to kill the Dragon Knight. Ultimately, the Raven Lord claims the realm's singularity. Orphea did not participate in the battle. Later on, she blames herself for not doing anything.

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