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Skins and tints[edit | edit source]

  • Li-Ming Li-Ming
    • Epic Striker Li-ming is a reference to the Chinese women's national volleyball team uniforms[1], while Scarlet Striker Li-Ming and Canary Striker Li-Ming are a reference to the United States[2] and Brazilian[3] women's national volleyball team uniforms, respectively. Sapphire Striker Li-Ming is a reference to the Russian women's national volleyball team uniform[4].

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Azmodan Azmodan
    • "Check yourself, Diablo. This year, the Most Valuable Prime title is mine! [evil laugh]," (available with the Azmodunk skin) is a reference to the MVP award in sports leagues.
  • "First, I shatter the backboard. Then, I shatter your world," (available with the Azmodunk skin) is a reference to an occurrence in basketball when the tempered safety glass of the backboard behind the hoop is shattered either on accident or as a stunt.

References[edit | edit source]