Dragon Knight (lore)

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Dragon Knight
Dragon Knight Comic.png
Character Information
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Raena (wife)
Delia (daughter)
Verick (son)
Queen Nightshade (sister-in-law)
Affiliation Kings Crest

The Dragon Knight is the former ruler of Kings Crest, husband of Lady of Thorns and the father of Delia and Verick.

Background[edit | edit source]

According to a picture shown at BlizzCon 2017, Queen Nightshade cursed a knight of Dragon Shire, which turned him into a monster - the Dragon Knight. His daughter Delia and his son Verick sealed him away and are were ready to fight against Queen Nightshade to protect their fathers kingdom from her infestation.[1] When the two of them both use their combined magical power, it can awaken their father. His wife, the Lady of Thorns, now rules in his stead, but her court is only truly loyal to her husband.

In an attempt to turn the tide against the Raven Lord's invasion, Delia and Verick awaken their father. The Raven Lord quickly corrupts the Dragon Knight and turns him against his children. Raena intervenes and is forced to kill her husband. In his last moments, the knight regains consciousness and begs for forgiveness.[2]

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