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Braxis Holdout[edit | edit source]

Event Quote Audio Background
Draft Map Braxis Holdout
Briefing "You're here just in time! There's been a security breach, and the enemy intends to let the zerg loose!"
"The facility's beacons are designed to attract the zerg. Controlling both of them will amass the creatures in one of the cells."
"Once a cell is full, both will open. And then the zerg will attack both bases. That leaves us only one chance at survival..."
"We must control the beacons so that most of the zerg attack the enemy instead of us. Let's hope this plan doesn't kill us all..."
Beacons Activating Soon "Oh, dear... the beacons are energizing. You have to control them!"
"The beacons have activated! Control them! Please let this work..."
"The beacons are recharging! And the zerg are growing agitated!"
"A power spike from the beacons? They'll be active soon!"
"Looks like the beacons are reactivating."
Beacons Active "H-here we go again... the beacons are powering up."
"The beacons are energizing."
"The beacons are active once again! Control them before the enemy does!"
"There! The beacons! Capture them!"
"The beacons are now online! Please, keep them out of enemy hands!"
"Attain control of those beacons! We don't want to face angry zerg!"
"Make haste toward the beacons! They are up and running!"
Subsequent Zerg Rush Incoming (Smaller) "Excellent! The enemy will have to deal with a much larger wave of zerg than we will."
"It seems we have fewer zerg to deal with than our enemy. That's some small comfort, at least."
"A... um... smaller batch of zerg is headed our way. Please get rid of them quickly!"
"The incoming zerg rush is technically smaller than the one headed for our enemy. B-but it's still an incoming zerg rush..."
"At least the zerg that are coming for us are not as numerous as the ones our enemies face. So maybe there's hope yet."
"Oh dear... here come the zerg. Fewer than the enemy's, for whatever that's worth."
Subsequent Zerg Rush Incoming (Equal) "The zerg are headed toward both bases in equal force! Th-this is less than ideal. Exterminate them!"
"The zerg are free again! You must fight them off!"
"Equal waves of zerg are headed for both bases. You m-must fall back to defend ours!"
"Zerg inbound on both bases! Wipe out the ones coming for us!"
"The zerg waves are dividing themselves equally between both bases. D-do not let ours fall!"
"Look at all those zerg! They're headed for both bases. Worry about ours!"
Subsequent Zerg Rush Incoming (Larger) "Oh, so many zerg, headed right for us! Stop them! Stop them at once!"
"No, no, no! Most of the zerg are headed this way! Do something!"
"Th-this can't be happening! The zerg are bearing down on us! Oh... I'm too smart to die!"
"Th-the zerg headed our way are much more numerous than the other batch! And I'm trapped in here! Save me!"
"I knew this was a reckless plan! Legions of zerg have caught our scent! <Yelps>"
Zerg Attacking "Emergency! Scores of zerg are inbound on our base! Exterminate them immediately!"
"Need I remind you that the zerg are chewing apart our base? Do something about them!"
"Whatever you're doing, it can wait! You must deal with the zerg!"
"This is a disaster! I implore you to get rid of these zerg!"
"Security can't hold off the zerg ad nauseam. They need your help!"
"I know you're busy, but p-please prioritize handling the zerg!"
"Oh my oh my oh my these zerg must be exterminated!"
"Fall back! Protect me from the zerg!"
Zerg Defeated <Adjutant: "Zerg threat eliminated."> "Oh thank goodness! We live another day!"
"You have my gratitude! I'd likely be zerg food without you!"
"I am seriously reconsidering if this is worth the grant money. Thank you for dispatching the zerg."
<Adjutant: "Zerg eliminated."> "Field research is so exciting!", they said. I'll show them some "excitement!"
"We are clear of the zerg. Who designed this ramshackle facility? Oh wait, I did."
"The zerg are eliminated. I went into the sciences to avoid this sort of thing!"
"D-did you get them all? I don't mean any offense, I just want to be s-s-sure."
"I-is it safe out there now? Yes? Whew! Nice work."

Generic[edit | edit source]

Event Quote Audio Background
Start of a Match Players spawning <Adjutant: Facility powering up.> "We're about to begin!"
Countdown <Adjutant: Systems online in...>
<Adjutant: Ten seconds.>
Five. File:Adjutant Countdown5sec00.ogg
Four. File:Adjutant Countdown4sec00.ogg
Three. File:Adjutant Countdown3sec00.ogg
Two. File:Adjutant Countdown2sec00.ogg
One. File:Adjutant Countdown1sec00.ogg
Battle begins <Adjutant: Gates open.> "Time for action!"
<Adjutant: Gate access granted> "Good luck!"
<Adjutant: Facility online.> "The battle begins!"
Player Abandons A hero has abandoned the fight.
"That hero is leaving the facility! They might have the right idea..."
"No, wait! Don't leave me here with the zerg!"
Player Rejoins "You came back! Oh thank goodness!"
"I knew I could count on you!"
Enemy Fort destroyed "You have brought down an enemy fort!"
"Impressive! The enemy fort is ruined!"
"The enemy has lost one of their forts. Excellent!"
"Fort destroyed! Keep up the good work!"
"That fort has been reduced to rubble!"
Enemy Keep destroyed "Nice work! You razed one of their keeps!"
"Enemy keep destroyed!"
"Well, that keep's definitely gone."
Own Fort lost "They have taken down one of our forts."
"One of our forts has been destroyed."
<surprised exertion> "Our fort is no more."
"They just smashed one of our forts."
"Oh no, we have lost a fort!"
Own Keep lost "The enemy has destroyed one of our keeps."
"One of our keeps has been toppled."
"Oh no, not our keep! Oh, it's ruined!"
Victory "You did it! Nice job, heroes."
"We're saved! Well done!"
Defeat "Defeat."
"We've lost control of the zerg! Evacuate!"
"Our efforts have failed! Abandon the facility!"
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