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Brightwing using Emerald Wind to knock back Kerrigan and Sonya

A knockback (also called daze) effect is a debuff effect that pushes enemies in a direction. While dazed the targets cannot act similar to a Stun. Dazes can interrupt stationary channeled abilities like E.T.C. Mosh Pit, but not mobile channeled abilities like Li Li's Jug of 1,000 Cups or Azmodan's All Shall Burn. Creating unpathable terrain that displaces someone (E.G. Tassadar's Force Wall) does not count as a daze and will not cancel a stationary channeled ability. Some abilities that daze also have a Stun as an added effect like Muradin's Haymaker, which applies a full stun to the primary target before knocking them back, allowing it to also cancel mobile channels.

Prior to the Eternal Conflict all knockback effects were treated as stuns and would fully interrupt any form of channeled ability. This was changed with the patch on 7/27/2015 that added dazes as their own effect separate from stuns.[1]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Basic Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Alarak's ability, "Telekinesis", dazes for a brief moment.
  • Alexstrasza's trait, "Dragonqueen", allows her to use "Wing Buffet" that dazes enemies hit for .3125 seconds.
  • Artanis' ability, "Phase Prism", dazes the target until positions are swapped.
  • Auriel's ability, "Detainment Strike", briefly dazes unless the enemy hits a wall.
    • Her level 13 talent, "Repelling Strike", increases the daze to .4 seconds unless the enemy hits a wall.
  • Cho's ability, "Surging Fist", dazes enemies he impacts for a brief moment.
  • Diablo's ability, "Shadow Charge", dazes for .25 seconds or unless the enemy hits a wall.
  • Dragon Knight's ability, "Savage Charge", knocks the target enemy back into the air and makes them fly over terrain.
  • Dragon Knight, Garden Terror and Triglav Protector daze nearby enemies upon death.
  • D.Va's ability, "Boosters", daze for a brief moment the first time she touches them.
  • D.Va's ability ,"Self Destruct", dazes when it explodes ranging from .25 to .5 seconds depending on how close they are to the center.
  • E.T.C.'s ability, "Face Melt", dazes for .25 seconds.
  • Junkrat's ability, "Concussion Mine", knocks enemies and Junkrat back into the air, making them fly over terrain for .75, .875 or 1 second depending on distance from the center.
    • His level 4 talent "Bonzer Hits" and level 13 talent "Ripper Air" increases the duration of the knockback of enemies/Junkrat to .875, 1, or 1.125 seconds.
  • Kel'Thuzad's ability, "Chains of Kel'Thuzad", pulls enemies hit towards each other if the ability hits both times.
  • Kerrigan's ability, "Primal Grasp", dazes until the claws have been fully retracted.
  • Lt. Morales' ability, "Displacement Grenade", dazes for .25 seconds.
    • Her level 4 talent, "Clear!", increases the daze to .4 seconds.
  • Lúcio's ability, "Soundwave", dazes for .25 seconds.
  • Mei's ability, "Icing", knocks back enemies near the end location of the dash.
  • Raynor's ability, "Penetrating Round", dazes enemies hit for .25 seconds.
  • Sgt. Hammer's ability, "Concussive Blast", dazes for .25 seconds.
  • Tychus' ability, "Frag Grenade", briefly dazes.
    • His level 7 talent, "Concussion Grenade", increasing the daze to .25 seconds.

Heroic Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Chen's level 10 heroic, "Wandering Keg", continuously dazes enemies hit for .25 seconds.
  • Brightwing's level 10 heroic, "Emerald Wind", dazes each enemy it touches for .1875 seconds until it has traveled the maximum range.
  • Cassia's level 10 heroic, "Valkyrie", dazes any enemy heroes hit after the first one for .1875 seconds.
  • Cho's level 10 heroic, "Upheaval", dazes for 1 second until the enemy has traveled the full distance.
  • Deckard's level 10 heroic, "Lorenado", continuously dazes enemies hit for .1875 seconds.
  • Gazlowe's level 10 heroic, "Grav-o-Bomb", dazes enemies for .25 seconds.
  • Falstad's level 10 heroic, "Mighty Gust", dazes enemies hit for .875 seconds.
  • Junkrat's level 10 heroic, "RIP-Tire", dazes enemies hit for .1875 seconds.
    • His level 20 talent, "Extra Oomph", increases the duration of the knockback to .3125.
  • Li-Ming's level 10 heroic, "Wave of Force", dazes for .25 seconds.
    • Her level 20 talent, "Repulsion", increases the daze to .4 seconds.
  • Muradin's level 10 heroic, "Haymaker", briefly dazes enemies hit by the flying enemy.
  • Stukov's level 10 heroic, "Flailing Swipe", dazes enemies hit for .125 seconds.
  • Stukov's level 10 heroic, "Massive Shove", dazes the first enemy hit until they reach unpathable terrain.
  • Tyrael's level 10 heroic, "Judgement", dazes enemies near the target for .1875 seconds.
  • Zarya's level 10 heroic, "Expulsion Zone", dazes enemies for .4 seconds each time they touch it.

Talents[edit | edit source]

  • Artanis' level 13 talent, "Graviton Vortex", adds an additional effect to his "Phase Prism" ability, swapping and dazing an additional enemy nearby.
  • Auriel's level 13 talent, "Converging Force", adds an additional effect to her "Sacred Sweep" ability, pushing enemies hit by the outer area to the center, dazing them for .125 seconds.
  • Brightwing's level 20 talent "Continuous Winds", adds an additional effect to her "Emerald Wind" heroic ability, releasing 2 more waves that daze each enemy they touch until they travel the maximum range.
  • D.Va's level 20 talent, "Concussive Pulse", dazes for .25 seconds.
  • Dehaka's level 4 talent, "Lurker Strain", adds an additional effect to his "Burrow" ability, causing enemies to be briefly dazed when Dehaka exits "Burrow".
  • Falstad's level 20 talent, "Wind Tunnel", adds an additional effect to his "Mighty Gust" heroic ability, repeatedly creating winds that daze enemies until they travel the maximum range.
  • Probius' level 16 talent, "Repulsor", adds an additional effect to his "Warp Rift" ability, causing explosions to daze for .25 seconds.
  • Raynor' level 4 talent, "Relentless Leader", dazes nearby enemies for .25 seconds if Raynor gets stunned or rooted.
  • Tracer's level 20 talent, "Get Stuffed!", adds an additional effect to her "Melee" ability, dazing enemies stuck with a "Pulse Bomb".

Non-Heroic abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Immortals can daze enemies in a large circular area around them and then stun them in the end.
  • A greater Sky Temple Guardian can daze enemies for .75 seconds.

References[edit | edit source]

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