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Hero Rework – Patch v 2.29.7 – January 9, 2018[edit source]

Work in progress, but I have updated most of the text to reflect the skill and talent changes. These changes should take effect on January 9, 2018. After the page has been updated, this section can be removed.

| skills = Innervate;D;File:Innervate_Icon.png;Grant an allied Hero 20% of their maximum Mana over 5 seconds. While affected by Innervate, their Basic Ability cooldowns recharge 50% faster.;30;;trait;False
Regrowth;Q;File:Regrowth_Icon.png;Heal target ally for 536 (+4% per level) Health over 20 seconds.;5;35;;False
Moonfire;W;File:Moonfire_Icon.png;Deal 90 (+4% per level) damage to enemies within target area and reveals them for 2 seconds.<br>For every enemy Hero hit with Moonfire, instantly heal all targets with an active Regrowth for 140.;3;10;;False
Entangling Roots;E;File:Entangling_Roots_Icon.png;Root enemy Heroes within the target area for 1.25 seconds, and deals 117 (+4% per level) damage over the duration. Affected area grows over 3 seconds.;14;75;;False
Tranquility;R;File:Tranquility_Icon.png;Heals 76 (+4% per level) Health per second to nearby allied Heroes over 8 seconds. All Heroes with an active Regrowth effect gain 10 Armor while in range of Tranquility.;80;80;heroic;False
Twilight Dream;R;File:Twilight_Dream_Icon.png;After a short delay, deal 374 (+4% per level) damage in a large area around you, silencing enemies making them unable to use Abilities for 3 seconds.;90;100;heroic;False
| talents = Nature's Swiftness;1;1;Malfurion passively gains 5% Movement Speed for each active Regrowth.;File:Nature's_Swiftness_Icon.png;
Celestial Attunement;1;2;Increases the reveal time of Moonfire by 1 seconds. Basic attacks against revealed enemy Heroes is increased by 100%.;File:Celestial_Attunement_Icon.png;
Shan'do's Clarity;1;3;The cooldown of Innervate regenerates 25% faster for each active Regrowth.;File:Shan'do's_Clarity_Icon.png;
Strangling Vines;2;1;Enemy Heroes rooted by Entangling Roots receive 25% less healing for 2 seconds.;File:Strangling_Vines_Icon.png;
Deep Roots;2;2;Entangling Roots grow 25% larger and last 25% longer.;File:Deep_Roots_Icon.png;
Vengeful Roots;2;3;Entangling Roots spawns a Treant that deals 65 damage per second and lasts 10 seconds. Repeatable Quest: Hitting enemy Heroes with Entangling Roots permanently increases the Treant's damage per second by 7.;File:Vengeful_Roots_Icon.png;
Wild Growth;3;1;Every time your Moonfire hits an enemy Hero, increase the duration of all active Regrowths by 1 second.;File:Wild_Growth_Icon.png;
Tenacious Roots;3;2;Root duration is increased by 25%. If Malfurion becomes stunned, refresh the cooldown of Entangling Roots.;File:Tenacious_Roots_Icon.png;
Nature's Cure;3;3;Activate: Remove all stuns, roots and slows from allies with an active Regrowth. 45 second cooldown.;File:Nature's_Cure_Icon.png;
Tranquility;4;1;{{Cooldown|80}}<br>Heals 76 (+4% per level) Health per second to nearby allied Heroes over 8 seconds. All Heroes with an active Regrowth effect gain 10 Armor while in range of Tranquility.;File:Tranquility_Icon.png;
Twilight Dream;4;2;{{Cooldown|90}}<br>After 0.5 seconds, deal 355 (+4% per level) damage in a large area around Malfurion, Silencing enemies making them unable to use Abilities for 3 seconds.;File:Twilight_Dream_Icon.png;
Hindering Moonfire;5;1;Moonfire slows targets by 25% for 2 seconds.;File:Hindering_Moonfire_Icon.png;
Revitalize;5;2;Using Innervate also grants Malfurion 50 Mana and causes his Cooldowns to refresh 50% faster for 5 seconds.;File:Revitalize_Icon.png;
Ice Block;5;3;Activate to place yourself in Stasis and gain Invulnerability for 3 seconds.;File:Ice_Block_Icon.png;
Ysera's Gift;6;1;While above 75% Health, Regrowth's additional healing-over-time is increased by 40%.;File:Ysera's_Gift_Icon.png;
Nature's Balance;6;2;Increase the area of Moonfire by 25% and the duration of Regrowth by 5 seconds.;File:Nature's_Balance_Icon.png;
Moonlit Harmony;6;3;Increase the heal of your Moonfire by 15% for every active Regrowth.;File:Moonlit_Harmony_Icon.png;
Serenity;7;1;Every Hero hit with Moonfire lowers the cooldown of Tranquility by 3 seconds. While active, Tranquility's healing is increased by 10% for each active Regrowth.;File:Serenity_Icon.png;
Astral Communion;7;2;Activate to Channel for 1 second, and then instantly teleport and cast Twilight Dream at the targeted location. Cooldown is shared with Twilight Dream. Passive: Increase Twilight Dream's Silence duration to 4 seconds.;File:Astral_Communion_Icon.png;
Lifebloom;7;3;Casting Regrowth on a player instantly heals them for 10% of their missing Health.;File:Lifebloom_Icon.png;
Lunar Shower;7;4;Hitting an enemy Hero reduces the cooldown of Moonfire by 1 second and ramps the damage of the next Moonfire by 20%, stacking up to 3 times.;File:Lunar_Shower_Icon.png;

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