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Data Page for Valla
Parameter Variable Value
name name Valla
date date March 13, 2014
price price 2000
title title Demon Hunter
role role Ranged
franchise franchise Diablo
info info A well-rounded Assassin that's mobile and can deal high sustained damage.
lore lore Valla witnessed the ferocity of hellspawn firsthand as the demons ravaged her village and left her for dead. Now, with no people to call her own, her only allegiance is to her cause: to rid Sanctuary of the demonic filth corrupting its lands.
difficulty difficulty Easy
melee melee False
health health 1340
healthRegen health regen 2.7930
resource resource 500
resourceType resource type Mana
armor armor 0
attackSpeed attack speed 1.67
attackRange attack range 5.5
attackDamage attack damage 75
healthScaling health scaling 0.04
regenScaling health regen scaling 0.04
adamageScaling attack damage scaling 0.04
unitRadius unit radius 0.625
skills skills see below
talents talent_<tier>_<column> see below


Hatred Icon.png
Basic Attacks grant a stack of Hatred, up to 10. Each Hatred stack increases Basic Attack damage by 8% and Movement Speed by 1%. Last 6 seconds.
Hungering Arrow Icon.png
Hungering Arrow
60 Mana Cooldown: 10 seconds
Fire an arrow that deals 140 (+4% per level) damage to the first target hit, then seeks up to 2 additional enemies dealing 80 (+4% per level) damage. Can hit an enemy multiple times.
Multishot Icon.png
75 Mana Cooldown: 12 seconds
Deal 172 (+4% per level) damage to enemies within the target area.
Vault Icon.png
50 Mana Cooldown: 10 seconds
Dash to the target area. Valla's next Basic Attack within 2 second deals 6% increased damage per stack of Hatred.
Strafe Icon.png
80 Mana Cooldown: 60 seconds
Rapidly attack enemies within 10 range for 60 (+4% per level) damage per hit, prioritizing Heroes over Minions. Valla is able to move and use Vault while strafing. Lasts for 4 seconds.
  • Strafe targets up to 3 enemies closest to Valla that she has "line of sight" on and fires a bolt at one of them every 0.125 seconds. Strafe can hit the same target only once per 0.3125 seconds.
  • Strafe can deal up to 660 damage to single target, or up to 1980 damage total.
Rain of Vengeance Icon.png
Rain of Vengeance
50 Mana Cooldown: 50 seconds
Launch a wave of Shadow Beasts that deals 250 (+4% per level) damage and Stuns enemies in the target area for 0.5 seconds. Stores up to 2 charges.
  • Rain of Vengeance has 0.6 second delay before impact.


Monster Hunter Icon.png
Monster Hunter
Reduces the Mana cost of Hungering Arrow by 40 and increases the damage it deals to Minions, Mercenaries, and Monsters by 150%.
Caltrops Icon.png
Drop 3 Caltrops while Vaulting. Caltrops do 60 (+4% per level) damage and Slow enemies by 40% for 1 second.
❢ Quest: Spend 180 seconds at 10 stacks of Hatred.
❢ Reward: Vault cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds.
Hot Pursuit Icon.png
Hot Pursuit
When at 10 stacks of Hatred, the Movement Speed bonus increases to 20% total and Valla gains 4 Mana per second.
Puncturing Arrow Icon.png
Puncturing Arrow
❢ Quest: Hitting an enemy Hero with the initial impact of Hungering Arrow increases its damage by 5, up to a maximum of 100.
❢ Reward: After gaining 100 bonus damage, gain an additional 75 bonus damage and Hungering Arrow also bounces 1 additional time.
Punishment Icon.png
Each stack of Hatred increases the damage of Multishot by 4%.
Creed of the Hunter Icon.png
Creed of the Hunter
Increases Attack Speed by 10%.
❢ Quest: Use 100 Basic Attacks against Heroes.
❢ Reward: Hatred grants an additional 2% Basic Attack Damage per stack.
Arsenal Icon.png
Multishot also fires 3 grenades, which deal 120 (+4% per level) damage. Each enemy Hero hit by a grenade reduces the cooldown of Multishot by 2 seconds.
  • Grenades are launced at the very middle and both edges of the AoE.
  • Grenades are unaffected by Punishment's damage bonus.
  • A hero can't be hit by any of the grenades more than once.
Death Dealer Icon.png
Death Dealer
Increases Vault Basic Attack damage bonus from 6% to 14% per stack of Hatred. If this attack kills its victim, the Mana cost and cooldown of Vault are refunded.
Repeating Arrow Icon.png
Repeating Arrow
The cooldown for Hungering Arrow is reset when Vault is used.
Strafe Icon.png
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Rapidly attack nearby visible enemies for 60 (+4% per level) damage per hit, prioritizing heroes over minions. Valla is able to move and use Vault while strafing. Lasts for 4 seconds.
Rain of Vengeance Icon.png
Rain of Vengeance
Charge Cooldown: 50 seconds
Launch a wave of Shadow Beasts that deals 240 (+4% per level) damage and stuns enemies in the target area for 0.5 seconds. Stores up to 2 charges.
Siphoning Arrow Icon.png
Siphoning Arrow
Valla heals for 75% of the damage dealt to Heroes by Hungering Arrow.
  • Healing is calculated after Armor reductions and other damage modifiers.
Tempered by Discipline Icon.png
Tempered by Discipline
While at 10 stacks of Hatred, Basic Attacks heal for 25% of the damage dealt.
  • Healing is calculated after Armor reductions and other damage modifiers.
Gloom Icon.png
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Activate to consume all Hatred, granting 3 Spell Armor per Hatred consumed for 5 seconds.
Passive: Permenantly gain 20 Spell Armor, reducing Ability Damage taken by 20%.
Frost Shot Icon.png
Frost Shot
Increases the range of Multishot by 20% and it also slows by 25% for 1.5 seconds.
Seething Hatred Icon.png
Seething Hatred
While at 10 stacks of Hatred, gain 15% Spell Power. Basic Attacks now grant 2 stacks of Hatred.
Manticore Icon.png
Every 3rd Basic Attack against the same target deals an additional 5% of their maximum Health as damage.
  • Bonus damage is dealt in a separate instance of Spell damage that is flagged to ignore any Armor.
  • Hit counter does not expire in time.
  • Attacking another Hero resets the counter.
Vengeance Icon.png
Death Siphon
Strafe also fires penetrating bolts in a line for 34 (+4% per level) damage every 0.25 seconds. 25% of the damage you deal with Strafe is returned as Health.
  • Death Siphon's piercing bolts are fired only for the first 3 seconds and can target the same enemy only once every 0.375 seconds.
  • Death Siphon bolts do not prioritize Heroes.
  • Both regular and piercing bolts heal.
  • Healing is calculated after Armor reductions and other damage modifiers.
Storm of Vengeance Icon.png
Storm of Vengeance
Basic Attacks reduce the charge cooldown of Rain of Vengeance by 5 seconds.
Rancor Icon.png
Each stack of Hatred also increases Attack Speed by 2%. While at 10 stacks of Hatred, gain an additional 30% Attack Speed.
Farflight Quiver Icon.png
Farflight Quiver
Increases Valla's Basic Attack range by 2.2.