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Data Page for Illidan
Parameter Variable Value
name name Illidan
date date March 13, 2014
price price 4000
title title The Betrayer
role role Melee
franchise franchise Warcraft
info info A mobile, sustained damage Assassin who pairs well with Heroes that can enable him.
lore lore Illidan Stormrage, the first Demon Hunter, betrayed his people and created a new Well of Eternity after the demonic invasion of Azeroth. Now Illidan lords over Outland slaying unsuitably prepared Heroes who venture into his domain.
difficulty difficulty Medium
melee melee True
health health 1725
healthRegen health regen 3.5898
resource resource 0
resourceType resource type None
armor armor 0
attackSpeed attack speed 1.82
attackRange attack range 1.2
attackDamage attack damage 78
healthScaling health scaling 0.04
regenScaling health regen scaling 0.04
adamageScaling attack damage scaling 0.04
unitRadius unit radius 0.625
skills skills see below
talents talent_<tier>_<column> see below


Betrayer's Thirst Icon.png
Betrayer's Thirst
Passive: Basic Attacks heal for 30% of damage dealt and reduce Ability cooldowns by 1 second.

Type: Healing
Scaling: -
Affects: Self
Properties: Attack Modifier (enemies), Lifesteal

  • Cooldown reduction affects both Heroic and Basic Abilities, but not active Abilities gained from Talents.
  • Getting Blinded makes you inable to hit enemies and gain cooldown reduction or lifesteal.
Dive Icon.png
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Dive at the target, dealing 66 damage and flipping to the other side of the target.

Type: Spell damage / Movement: Launch
Scaling: 4.00%
Affects: Enemies
Targeting: Unit target
Cast time: Instant
Range: 6.5
Missile speed: 150

  • The damage is dealt upon first reaching the target. If the target dies, Illidan does not get flipped to the other side.
Sweeping Strike Icon.png
Sweeping Strike
Cooldown: 8 / 1.0 seconds
Dash towards target point, dealing 119 damage to enemies along the way. Hitting an enemy increases Illidan's Basic Attack damage by 35% for 3 seconds.

Type: Spell damage / Damage modifier, Movement: Dash
Scaling: 4.00%
Affects: Enemies / Self
Targeting: Point target
Properties: Skillshot (piercing)
Cast time: Instant
Range: 5.5
Hitbox: 3.0x2.55
Missile speed: 14.4

  • Does not stack with itself, consecutive applications refresh the duration.
  • Stacks additively with other damage modifiers affecting Illidan's Basic Attack damage.
Evasion Icon.png
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Evade enemy Basic Attacks for 2.5 seconds.

Type: Status effect
Affects: Self
Targeting: No target
Properties: Evasion
Cast time: Instant
Metamorphosis Icon.png
Cooldown: 120 seconds
Transform into Demon Form at the target location, dealing 46 damage in the area. Temporarily increases maximum Health by 220 for each Hero hit by the initial impact. Lasts for 18 seconds.

Type: Spell damage / Status Effect, Bonus Health, Movement: Teleport
Scaling: 4.00% (damage, health)
Affects: Enemies / Self
Targeting: Point target
Cast time: Instant
Range: 12
Area of Effect: Circle
Radius: 4.125

  • Can be cast while Rooted.
  • While performing the transformation, Illidan is removed from the battlefield for 1.25 seconds making him Untargetable and immune to damage.
  • Bonus health is calculated and damage is dealt when transfomation period ends and Illidan reappears on the battlefield.
  • Illidan's current health is increased by the same flat amount as his maximum health. Once Metamorphosis ends, only maximum Health is reduced.
  • Removes Root, Slow, Blind and Armor debuffs on cast, but not Damage over Time effects, Revealed status or hero-specific debuffs like Jaina's "Chill".
The Hunt Icon.png
The Hunt
Cooldown: 100 seconds
Charge to target unit, dealing 251 damage on impact and stunning for 1 second.

Type: Spell damage, Crowd control, Status effect / Movement: Launch, Status effect
Scaling: 4.00%
Affects: Non-Structure enemies / Self
Targeting: Unit target
Properties: Channeled cast (stationary), Revealed, Stun, Unstoppable
Cast time: 1.0(ch)+0 seconds
Range: 45
Missile speed: 25...200

  • Interrupting the cast puts the Ability on a 10 second cooldown.
  • Cast is interrupted, if the target moves past 5 units its maximum range.
  • The target is Revealed instantly upon cast until Illidan hits the target.
  • After the cast period, Illidan is Unstoppable, until he hits the target.


Immolation Icon.png
After using Sweeping Strike, burn nearby enemies for 22 damage a second for 4 seconds.

Type: Spell damage
Scaling: 4.00%
Affects: Enemies
Properties: Area of Effect
Area of Effect: Circle
Radius: 3.125
Tickrate: 1.0 per second
Battered Assault Icon.png
Battered Assault
Increase Sweeping Strike's Basic Attack damage bonus duration from 3 to 5 seconds. If Sweeping Strike hits 2 Heroes its damage bonus is increased from 35% to 125%.

  • Always lasts 5 seconds. If the next Sweeping Strike hits only a single enemy Hero while Battered Assault is still active, the baseline bonus of the new cast is overridden until Battered Assault bonus ends.
Unending Hatred Icon.png
Unending Hatred
❢ Quest: Every Minion you kill gives you 0.2 Attack Damage. Every Takedown gives 1 Basic Attack Damage.
❢ Reward: Once you reach 20 Attack Damage, receive an additional 20 Attack damage.

Type: Bonus damage
Scaling: -
Affects: Self

  • Continues to gain stacks even after the quest is completed.
Rapid Chase Icon.png
Rapid Chase
Dive grants 20% Movement Speed for 2 seconds.
Friend or Foe Icon.png
Friend or Foe
Increases the range of Dive by 20% and allows it to be used to dive to allied Heroes.

Affects: Enemies, Allied Heroes
Bonus range: 1.3

  • Using Dive on an allied Hero does not damage them nor flip Illidan over them.
Unbound Icon.png
Sweeping Strike can go over walls and terrain.
❢ Reward: After hitting 30 Heroes with Sweeping Strike, gain a second charge.

Type: Movement: Launch
Affects: Self
Reflexive Block Icon.png
Reflexive Block
Using Dive grants 75 Physical Armor against the next 3 Hero Basic Attacks for 4 seconds, reducing the damage taken by 75%.

Type: Damage modifier: Physical Armor
Affects: Self
Properties: Block
Thirsting Blade Icon.png
Thirsting Blade
Betrayer's Thirst's healing from Basic Attacks is increased from 30% to 50% while Sweeping Strike's damage bonus is active.
Hunter's Onslaught Icon.png
Hunter's Onslaught
Basic Abilities heal for 25% of the damage they deal. Double this bonus versus Heroes.

Type: Healing
Scaling: -
Affects: Self
Properties: Lifesteal

  • Benefits from bonus damage from Marked for Death, but not from Immolation's burn damage.
Metamorphosis Icon.png
Cooldown: 120 seconds
Transform into Demon Form at the target location, dealing 46 damage in the area. Temporarily increase your maximum Health by 220 for each Hero hit. Lasts for 18 seconds.
The Hunt Icon.png
The Hunt
Cooldown: 100 seconds
Charge to target unit, dealing 251 damage on impact and stunning for 1 second.
Nimble Defender Icon.png
Nimble Defender
If Sweeping Strikes hits an enemy Hero, gain 25 Armor for 2 seconds, reducing damage taken by 25%.

Type: Damage modifier: Armor
Affects: Self
Elusive Strike Icon.png
Elusive Strike
Sweeping Strike reduces the cooldown of Evasion by 3 seconds every time it damages an enemy Hero.
Sixth Sense Icon.png
Sixth Sense
Evasion grants Illidan 75 Spell Armor against the next 2 sources of Spell damage, reducing their damage by 75%.

Type: Damage modifier: Spell Armor
Affects: Self
Properties: Spell Block

  • Charges expire when Evasion ends.
Marked for Death Icon.png
Marked for Death
Dive deals an extra 180 damage if you hit a target consecutively within 10 seconds.

Type: Bonus damage
Scaling: 4.00%
Affects: Ability

  • To trigger the bonus damage, Dive has to be used on the same target as last time.
  • Does not stack with itself.
Fiery Brand Icon.png
Fiery Brand
Every 4th attack against the same Hero deals an additional 9% of their maximum Health as damage.

Affects: Enemy Heroes
Properties: Attack modifier (Heroes)

  • The counter is reset, if Illidan has not attacked the enemy Hero for 3 seconds.
  • Attacking a different enemy does not reset the counter.
Blades of Azzinoth Icon.png
Blades of Azzinoth
Active: Hitting 5 Heroes with Sweeping Strike allows Blades of Azzinoth to be activated, increasing Basic Attack damage by 75% for 8 seconds.

Type: Damage modifier
Affects: Self
Targeting: No target
Properties: Attack Modifier (enemies)
Cast time: Instant
Maximum stacks: 5

  • Each Hero hit counts as 1 stack. After gathering 5 stacks the ability can be activated, consuming all stacks.
  • Starts with full 5 stacks.
Demonic Form Icon.png
Demonic Form
Permanently remain in Demonic Form. Metamorphosis also increases Attack Speed by 20% and reduces the duration of Stuns, Roots and Slows by 50%. Illidan can now mount in Demonic Form.

Type: Attack Modifier / CC resistance
Affects: Self

  • The bonuses are applied when Illidan next time casts Metamorphosis. Active cast does not benefit from bonuses, if the talent was picked during it.
  • Metamorphosis and its bonuses are removed upon death.
  • The health bonus is still temporary.
  • In Demonic Form, Illidan's mount is limited to special, ability-specific one.
Nowhere to Hide Icon.png
Nowhere to Hide
The Hunt gains unlimited range. Illidan passively reveals enemy Heroes below 25% Health anywhere on the Battleground.

  • The Hunt cannot be used to travel into or out of the underground level in Haunted Mines. Passive Reveal still applies everywhere.
Nexus Blades Icon.png
Nexus Blades
Basic Attacks deal 20% more damage and slow enemy Movement Speed by 20% for 1 second.

Type: Crowd control / Damage modifier
Affects: Enemies / Self
Properties: Attack Modifier (enemies), Slow
Bolt of the Storm Icon.png
Bolt of the Storm
Cooldown: 70 seconds
Active: Activate to teleport to a nearby location.

Type: Movement: Teleport
Affects: Self
Targeting: Point target
Cast time: Instant
Range: 7.2