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Data Page for Gul'dan
Parameter Variable Value
name name Gul'dan
date date July 12, 2016
price price 7000
title title Darkness Incarnate
role role Ranged
franchise franchise Warcraft
info info A a sustained damage Mage who uses his health as fuel but can steal life from his enemies.
lore lore Abandoning the ways of shamanism, Gul'dan entered a pact with the demon lord Kil'jaeden and betrayed his people in exchange for limitless power. With the orcish Horde under his master's thrall, both Draenor and Azeroth nearly fell into his grasp.
difficulty difficulty Medium
melee melee False
health health 1700
healthRegen health regen 3.543
resource resource 500
resourceType resource type Mana
armor armor 0
attackSpeed attack speed 1
attackRange attack range 5.5
attackDamage attack damage 60
healthScaling health scaling 0.04
regenScaling health regen scaling 0.04
adamageScaling attack damage scaling 0.04
unitRadius unit radius 0.875
skills skills see below
talents talent_<tier>_<column> see below


Life Tap Icon.png
Life Tap
Cooldown: 0.5 seconds
222 Life (+4% per level)
Gul'dan does not regenerate Mana. Activate to restore 25% mana.
  • Cannot be used, if Gul'dan is at maximum Mana or if using Life Tap would be lethal.
Fel Flame Icon.png
Fel Flame
75 Mana Cooldown: 1.5 seconds
Release a wave of flame, dealing 200 (+4.5% per level) damage to enemies.
Drain Life Icon.png
Drain Life
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Drain the life from an enemy over 3 seconds, dealing 132 (+4% per level) damage per second and healing Gul'dan for 188 (+4% per level) Health per second.
  • Stationary channel, can be cancelled by reactivating the Ability.
  • Damage and Healing are dealt 4 ticks/second to a total of 12 ticks.
  • Cannot be used on Structures.
Corruption (Gul'dan) Icon.png
80 Mana Cooldown: 14 seconds
Call forth three bursts of shadow energy, dealing 204 (+4.5% per level) damage over 6 seconds. Corruption can stack up to 3 times on an enemy.
  • Damage is dealt 1 tick per second, but individually for every burst hit.
  • A Hero can't be hit with more than 3 bursts per cast. Further bursts don't refresh the duration or increase the damage.
Horrify Icon.png
80 Mana Cooldown: 90 seconds
After 0.5 seconds deal 120 (+4% per level) damage to enemy Heroes in an area and Fear them for 2 seconds. While Feared, Heroes are Silenced and forced to run away from Horrify's center.
Rain of Destruction Icon.png
Rain of Destruction
90 Mana Cooldown: 100 seconds
After 1.5 seconds, summon a rain of meteors in an area for 7 seconds. Each meteor deals 165 (+4% per level) damage in a small area.

Type: Spell damage
Scaling: 4.00%
Affects: Enemies
Targeting: Point target
Properties: Channeled cast (stationary)
Cast time: 1.5(ch) seconds
Range: 10

  • Interrupting the ability puts it on a 10-second cooldown. Gul'dan can interrupt the channel by issuing a "move" or "stop" command.
  • Spawns total of 56 meteors in randomly chosen points in the AoE.


Pursuit of Flame Icon.png
Pursuit of Flame
❢ Quest: Hit 30 enemy Heroes with Fel Flame.
❢ Reward: Fel Flame's radius is increased by 10%.
Chaotic Energy Icon.png
Chaotic Energy
Increases the cast range of Drain Life by 25%.
❢ Quest: The healing provided by Regen Globes is increased by 33%.
❢ Reward: After Gathering 15 Regen Globes your Basic Ability Mana costs are permanently reduced by 20.
Echoed Corruption Icon.png
Echoed Corruption
❢ Quest: Hit 40 enemy Heroes with Corruption.
❢ Reward: After the third strike, Corruption strikes 3 times in the opposite direction.
Health Funnel Icon.png
Health Funnel
Drain Life's cooldown recharges 100% faster, while it is channeling.
If an enemy dies while under the effect of Drain Life, the cooldown is instantly refreshed.
Improved Life Tap Icon.png
Improved Life Tap
Life Tap now restores 35% Mana.
Consume Soul Icon.png
Consume Soul
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Active: Instantly kill an enemy Minion and heal for 800 (380 + 4% per level) Health. Stores 2 charges.
Bound by Shadow Icon.png
Bound by Shadow
Each enemy Hero hit with Fel Flame reduces the cooldown of Corruption by 1.5 second.
Curse of Exhaustion Icon.png
Curse of Exhaustion
Drain Life deals 50% more damage and slows the target's movement speed by 50% if they are afflicted by Corruption.
Hunger for Power Icon.png
Hunger for Power
Increases Ability Power by 15% but reduces healing received from allies by 25%.
Horrify Icon.png
Cooldown: 80 seconds
After a short delay, deal 120 (+4% per level) damage and fear enemy Heroes in the area for 2 seconds.
Rain of Destruction Icon.png
Rain of Destruction
Cooldown: 100 seconds
After 1.5 seconds, summon a rain of meteors in an area for 7 seconds. Each meteor deals 165 (+4% per level) damage in a small area.
Fel Armor Icon.png
Fel Armor
Hitting an enemy Hero with Fel Flame grants 40 Spell Armor for 2.5 seconds, reducing Ability Damage taken by 40%.
Harvest Life Icon.png
Harvest Life
Drain Life heals for 75% more Health when used on Heroes.
Dark Bargain Icon.png
Dark Bargain
Your maximum Health is permanently increased by 30% but your Death Respawn time is increased by 15 seconds.
Healthstone Icon.png
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Active: Activate to heal for 25% of your maximum Health.
Rampant Hellfire Icon.png
Rampant Hellfire
Fel Flame's damage is increased by 10% for 5 seconds when hitting an enemy Hero. This can stack up to 5 times.
Ruinous Affliction Icon.png
Ruinous Affliction
Corruption deals an additional 78 (+4% per level) damage on impact. If the enemy is hit by all three strikes, the third strike deals 233 (+4% per level) damage.
Darkness Within Icon.png
Darkness Within
After using Life Tap, the damage and healing of Gul'dan's next Ability is increased by 30%.

  • Darkness Within can empower every Basic Abililty, both Heroics, Consume Soul and Healthstone.
Haunt Icon.png
Increases the duration of Horrify by 1 second, and while Feared, enemies lose 20 Armor, causing them to take 20% increased damage.
Deep Impact Icon.png
Deep Impact
Rain of Destruction slows enemies Movement Speed by 90% for 0.5 seconds.
Demonic Circle Icon.png
Demonic Circle
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Active: Summon a Demonic Circle at your location. Activate to teleport to the Demonic Circle.
  • Gives you two activatables: "Summon Demonic Circle" for setting up the circle and "Teleport To Demonic Circle" for teleporting to it.
  • "Summon Demonic Circle" requires 1 second Channel and has 1 second cooldown.
  • Teleporting is instant.