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Data:Alexstrasza (Dragon)

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Data Page for Alexstrasza (Dragon)
Parameter Variable Value
name name Alexstrasza (Dragon)
date date November 14, 2017
price price {{{price}}}
title title The Life Binder
role role Healer
franchise franchise Warcraft
info info A Healer who shares her Health with allies and can transform into a Dragon to empower her Abilities.
lore lore Alexstrasza, the queen of dragons, was empowered by the titans to be the guardian of all life on Azeroth. She has aided mortals time and again, even at great personal cost. Now, she soars across the Nexus, protecting life wherever she finds it.
difficulty difficulty Medium
melee melee False
health health 2287
healthRegen health regen 3.7226
resource resource 500
resourceType resource type Mana
armor armor None
attackSpeed attack speed 0.8
attackRange attack range 9.0
attackDamage attack damage 143
healthScaling health scaling 0.04
regenScaling health regen scaling 0.04
adamageScaling attack damage scaling 0.04
unitRadius unit radius 1.25
skills skills see below
talents talent_<tier>_<column> see below