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Damage is the means of depleting an enemy unit's Health. All damage in the game is divided in to two main damage types: Physical and Spell damage. As a rule of thumb Basic Attacks deal Physical damage and Abilities and Talents deal Spell Damage. Like with Armor, when in-game tooltip mentions only "damage" it usually includes both Physical and Spell damage. Damage types work together with Armor types and damage modifiers to further enhance a hero's strengths and weaknesses. Most heroes are focused on one type of damage at the expense of others, while some heroes are resistant to certain forms of damage.

Physical Damage[edit | edit source]

Main article: Basic Attack

Basic Attacks of most in-game units deal Physical damage. Floating damage text will display Physical Damage as orange numbers above the target's head. Physical damage taken is reduced by positive and increased by negative Armor and Physical Armor. Physical damage dealt can also be permanently or temporarily modified through Talents and Abilities, whether it be decreasing an attacker's damage (Shrink Ray) or increasing your own damage (Executioner). Heroes focused on basic attack damage are generally designed to deal high sustained damage.

Spell Damage[edit | edit source]

In contrast to Physical damage, the majority of Abilities and Talents of in-game units deal Spell damage. Floating damage text will display Spell Damage as purple numbers. Spell Damage dealt is modified by caster's Spell Power and all-damage modifiers. Spell damage taken is modified by Armor and Spell Armor. While all abilities deal Spell damage, some Abilities and Talents can temporarily make a unit's Basic Attacks deal Spell Damage. Heroes with a focus on spell damage are generally focused on dealing a higher amount of damage in a shorter period of time in the form of burst.

Non-heroic Summons' Basic Attacks deal Spell damage. This damage is modified by its owner's current Spell Power.

Percent Damage[edit | edit source]

Percent damage, or Percentage-based damage, is a special category of Spell damage that resembles other MOBAs' 'Pure' damage type. All in-game Abilities and Talents that deal damage based on a percentage the target's maximum or current Health do Percent damage. Percent-based damage is dealt in Spell damage, but is flagged to ignore the Armor system and damage modifiers entirely. This means that percentage-based Abilities and Talents will deal the raw amount of damage regardless of the amount of damage Buffs or Debuffs on the attacker or the Armor state of the target. Percent damage is capped to 36.5 damage per percent of Health for an instance of damage, Scaling 4% per caster's level. The cap is set to limit Percent-based damage's effectiveness against high-HP Battleground Objectives such as the Immortals on Battlefield of Eternity. The limit is high enough for it to not affect any Heroes of roughly the same level in a normal game situation.

Damage modifiers[edit | edit source]

Main article: Damage modifier

Damage modifiers are effects that affect the damage dealt or received by the unit based on given percentage of the base value.

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