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Daily Quest

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The quest interface

Quests are special objectives available to players. Completing the stated objectives will grant the player a reward, ranging from gold to special portraits.

Each player is awarded one daily quest each day at 3am PT. Players can have a maximum of three daily quests at a time. In addition to these, in-game events sometimes bring special quests.

Players can view their current quests and quest progress through the exclamation mark icon at the bottom right of the game menu screens.

Daily quests[edit | edit source]

Objective Reward Notes
Win 3 games (any mode) Money.png600
Play 8 games (any mode) Money.png800
Play 3 Versus AI games Money.png300 Given to new players
Play 3 games as a Melee or Ranged Assassin Hero Money.png300
Play 3 games as a Bruiser or Tank Hero Money.png300
Play 3 games as a Healer or Support Hero Money.png300
Play 2 games as a Diablo Hero Money.png200
Play 2 games as a Overwatch Hero Money.png200
Play 2 games as a Starcraft Hero Money.png200
Play 2 games as a Warcraft Hero Money.png200

Note: game played in any mode with Draft counts towards "play X games as *" regardless of hero type.[1]

Event quests[edit | edit source]

The following is a partial list of special quests available during events. These do not occupy a normal quest slot but appear in addition to them.

Seasonal events[edit | edit source]

Main article: Event#Seasonal events
Name Objective Reward
Lunar Festival (2015) Play 10 Games Lunar Festival portrait
Hallow's End (2015) Win 25 Games Jack-o'-Lantern portrait
Feast of Winter Veil (2015) Play 15 Games 4 days Stimpack
Feast of Winter Veil (2015) Play 50 Games 10 days Stimpack
Lunar Festival (2016) Play 25 Games Monkey Elder portrait
Hallow's End (2016) Play 15 Games Deputy Valla portrait

Unique events[edit | edit source]

Main article: Event#Unique events

Eternal Conflict

Main article: Eternal Conflict
Objective Reward
Kill a treasure goblin 100 gold
Kill 50 treasure goblins Eternal Conflict portrait

Machines of War

Main article: Machines of War
Objective Reward
Collect 12 Xel'naga Artifacts 1 day Stimpack
Collect 150 Xel'naga Artifacts Xel'naga Artifact portrait