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Chen Skins
Rare Legendary Brewmaster
Backstory: To be a Brewmaster is to be an explorer, a lover of nature, and when the need arises; a powerful fighter. For years Chen Stormstout has wandered the world of Azeroth in search of rare ingredients, stirring stories, and of course, good brew.
Chen Legendary Brewmaster.jpg
Gem.png500 / Money.png4,000
Legendary Brewmaster
Chen Crimson.jpg
Chen Jade.jpg
Chen Pristine.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Rare Brewmaster
Backstory: Why do we fight? To protect home, and family. To preserve balance, and bring harmony. For Chen, the true question is: What is worth fighting for?
Chen Brewmaster.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Chen Brewmaster Amber.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Chen Brewmaster Frosty.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Rare Wanderer
Backstory: The limitless realms of the Nexus are the perfect place for a world-wanderer like Chen Stormstout. Who knows what secret ingredients and lost tales are waiting to be discovered!
Chen Wanderer.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Chen Wanderer Durotar.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Chen Wanderer Krasari.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Epic Warmaster
Backstory: The Warmasters serve as the unbreakable front line of Lei Shen's Grand Army. Once the Kaldorei are broken before him, the Well of Eternity will belong to the Thunder King forever.
Notes: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of Warcraft alternative shared history skins.
Chen Warmaster.jpg
Gem.png250 / Shard.png300
Chen Warmaster Flame.jpg
Gem.png250 / Shard.png300
Chen Warmaster Storm.jpg
Gem.png250 / Shard.png300
Chen Event Skins
Epic Lunar Lunar Festival
Backstory: The loremasters say that coins are a symbol of fortune and luck. During the Lunar Festival, elders hand out Coins of Ancestry to those who seek them out and pay their respects.
Features: Themed abilities.
Notes: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of holiday skins.
Chen Lunar.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png400
Chen Lunar Verdant.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png400
Chen Lunar Azure.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png400