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Checkpoint: Hanamura

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Checkpoint: Hanamura
Checkpoint Hanamura.jpg
Battleground Information
Unique Objectives

Attack or defend a single payload on our new single-lane Overwatch inspired battleground!

Lanes 1
Announcer Athena
Realm Overwatch
Release Date May 5, 2017
This week's brawl is Checkpoint: Hanamura – Attack or defend a single payload on our new single-lane Overwatch inspired battleground![1]

Checkpoint: Hanamura is a single-lane battleground Brawl set in the realm of Hanamura.

Rules[edit | edit source]

  • Shuffle Pick
    • At the start of the match, you’ll choose one of three available Heroes, but choose quickly, you only have 30 seconds!
  • Reduced Death Timers
    • Hero death timers will all be reduced to 9 seconds, or 12.5 seconds during overtime
  • No talents. No levels.
    • All players will start at level 10 and choose a Heroic ability, but nothing else
  • Pumped up Health Packs
    • Health Packs can be found around the Battleground which will instantly restore 50% of total Health and Mana to the player that walks over it
  • Checkpoints? Check.
    • Reaching a Checkpoint will grant additional capture time for the attacking team
  • Escort your payload to its destination or defend the enemy push to claim victory!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Complete three matches of Checkpoint: Hanamura to earn a Loot Chest!

References[edit | edit source]