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"The wait is over."

Basic Info
Title Amazon Warmatron
Role Ranged Assassin Ranged Assassin
Difficulty Medium
Franchise Diablo (franchise) Diablo
Price Gem.png 750 / 10,000Money.png
Release Date April 4, 2017
Base Stats
Attack Type Ranged
Health 1840
Health Regen 3.8281
Resource 500 Mana
Armor 0
Attack Speed 1.33
Attack Range 4.0
Attack Damage 130
Data Page

Cassia, the Amazon Warmatron, is a Ranged Assassin hero hero from the Diablo universe. After shattering the Worldstone, the young Amazon Cassia had changed. She had seen hatred, terror, and destruction firsthand. If the Askari were to survive the coming darkness, they needed an army. She would begin their training immediately.

Background[edit | edit source]

Diablo (franchise) This section concerns content exclusive to Diablo universe.

Cassia is one of the amazons of the Askarri tribe at Skovos Isles. Following a prophecy from its oracles about the rise of the Prime Evils, Cassia departed from the isles and joined with several warriors (including Xul) to pursue the Dark Wanderer. Eventually they ended up killing all three of the Prime Evils but had to witness the destruction of the Worldstone by Tyrael to prevent the essence of Baal corrupting it and also the world itself. With her mission done, Cassia returned to the Skovos Isles, changed but still normal, training future amazons to fight against oncoming darkness.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Cassia is a Ranged Assassin who specializes against Physical Attackers and deals increased damage to Blinded enemies.

Strength[edit | edit source]

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • Has lower Basic Attack range compared to other ranged Heroes
  • No escapes
  • Fragile against Ability Damage and non-Heroic damage.
  • Vulnerable during Stuns and Roots

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Avoidance Icon.png
Avoidance (Trait)
While moving unmounted, Cassia gains 40 Physical Armor against Heroic Basic Attacks, reducing the damage taken by 40%.
Lightning Fury Icon.png
Lightning Fury
30 Mana Cooldown: 4 seconds
Hurl a lightning javelin that deals 175 (+4% per level) damage to the first enemy hit and splits into two lightning bolts that deal 175 (+4.5% per level) damage to enemies in their path.
  • These two bolts do not hit the enemy hit by the javelin.
Blinding Light Icon.png
Blinding Light
70 Mana Cooldown: 15 seconds
After 0.5 seconds, Deal 50 (+4% per level) damage and Blind enemies in the target area for 2 seconds.
Passive: Cassia deals 20% increased damage to Blinded targets.
Fend Icon.png
40 Mana Cooldown: 8 seconds
Charge at an enemy, and upon arriving channel for 1.5 seconds, dealing 78 (+4% per level) damage to enemies in front of Cassia every 0.25 seconds.
Deals 50% reduced damage to non-Heroes
  • Actually deals ticks of 39 damage every 0.125 seconds to a total of 12 ticks over it's duration
  • Maximum damage with untalented Fend is 468 (+4% per level).
  • Cannot charge at Structures, though the area damage applies to them.
Ball Lightning Icon.png
Ball Lightning
60 Mana Cooldown: 60 seconds
Throw a ball of lightning at an enemy Hero that bounces up to 6 times between nearby enemy Heroes and Cassia, dealing 180 (+4% per level) damage to enemies hit.
  • Prioritises enemy heroes and only bounces back to Cassia, if there are no enemy heroes in its bounce range
  • Ball Lightning going through Cassia counsumes a bounce normally.
Valkyrie Icon.png
60 Mana Cooldown: 60 seconds
Summon a Valkyrie that rushes to Cassia after 0.75 seconds, pulling the first enemy Hero hit, dealing 225 (+4% per level) damage and Stunning them for 0.5 seconds at the end of her path.
The Valkyrie knocks back all other enemy Heroes in her way.

Talents[edit | edit source]

Thunderstroke Icon.png
❢ Quest: Hit Heroes with Lightning Fury.
❢ Reward: After hitting 20 Heroes, increase Lightning Fury's damage by 100 (+4% per level).
❢ Reward: After hitting 40 Heroes, Lightning Fury gains a second charge and its Mana cost is reduced from 30 to 15.
  • Bonus damage from Thunderstroke is not affected by Scaling.
Seraph's Hymn Icon.png
Seraph's Hymn
Reduce Blinding Light’s cooldown and Mana cost by 33%. Basic Attacks against Blinded enemies deal 100% bonus damage.
  • This bonus damage stacks additively with Cassia's basic bonus damage against blinded targets.
Charged Strikes Icon.png
Charged Strikes
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Active: Activate to increase Basic Attack damage by 20% for 8 seconds and cause Basic Attacks against non-Structures to bounce to nearby enemy Heroes for 8 seconds.
Inner Light Icon.png
Inner Light
Whenever Cassia is Stunned or Rooted, Blinding Light is cast at her location.
This effect has a 6 second cooldown.
Passive: Blinding Light's radius is increased by 25%.
  • Inner Light casts Blinding Light instantly with no delay.
  • Inner Light's cooldown is separate from Blinding Light's.
Ring of the Leech Icon.png
Ring of the Leech
Cassia heals for 25% of the damage she deals to Blinded enemies.
Plate of the Whale Icon.png
Plate of the Whale
Regenerate 5 Health per second while Avoidance is active.
❢ Quest: For every 8 Basic Attacks absorbed with Avoidance, it regenerates an additional 1 Health per second.
❢ Reward: After absorbing 75 Basic Attacks, increase Cassia's maximum Health by 10%.
  • This talent applies healing instead of regeneration and ticks 1 per second.
  • This healing is affected by Spell Power but not by Scaling.
Impale Cassia Icon.png
Enemies below 60% Health take 50% increased damage from Fend.
War Traveler Icon.png
War Traveler
Cassia gains 4% Movement Speed every 0.5 seconds while Avoidance is active, up to 15%. This bonus is reset when Cassia stops moving or uses an Ability.
Surge of Light Icon.png
Surge of Light
Cooldown: 0.25 seconds
Active: After taking 500 (+4% per level) damage with Avoidance active, Cassia can activate Avoidance to deal 210 (+4% per level) damage to enemies around her.
Ball Lightning Icon.png
Ball Lightning
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Throw a ball of lightning at an enemy Hero that bounces up to 6 times between nearby enemy Heroes and Cassia, dealing 180 (+4% per level) damage to enemies hit.
Valkyrie Icon.png
Cooldown: 90 seconds
Summon a Valkyrie that rushes to Cassia after 0.75 seconds, pulling the first enemy Hero hit, dealing 225 (+4% per level) damage and Stunning them for 0.5 seconds at the end of her path. The Valkyrie knocks back all other enemy Heroes in her way.
Grounding Bolt Icon.png
Grounding Bolt
Lightning Fury Slows enemies hit by 20% for 1.5 seconds.
Thundergod's Vigor Icon.png
Thundergod's Vigor
Enemy Heroes hit by the primary missile of Lightning Fury reduce its cooldown by 1 second.
Lunging Strike Icon.png
Lunging Strike
Increases Fend's range and area by 20% and its duration by 0.5 seconds.
  • Increases total damage of Fend to 624 (+4% per level).
Pierce Cassia Icon.png
The primary missile of Lightning Fury now pierces, but splits only when hitting Heroes.
Penetrate Icon.png
Enemies take 3% increased damage from Fend each consecutive hit
  • Maximum damage increase to an untalented Fend is ~120%.
Martial Law Icon.png
Martial Law
Basic attacks against Stunned, Rooted, or Slowed enemy Heroes deal bonus damage equal to 3% of the Hero's maximum Health.
  • Martial Law's damage is dealt in Ability Damage, but it is flagged to ignore any type of Armor.
Infinite Lightning Icon.png
Infinite Lightning
Ball Lightning can now bounce indefinitely, and its cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds every time an enemy Hero is hit.
  • It is possible to have multiple Ball Lightings up simultaneously
Imprisoning Light Icon.png
Imprisoning Light
Upon impaling a Hero, Cassia's Valkyrie creates a wave of light that deals 200 (+4% per level) damage to nearby enemies and Roots them for 3 seconds.
  • The root area is slightly bigger than that of Blinding Light's with the Inner Light Talent.
Titan's Revenge Icon.png
Titan's Revenge
Cassia's Basic Attacks now ignore Armor, and her Basic Attack range is increased by 2.
  • Titan's Revenge ignores all Armor effects, including increased and reduced Armor.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Cassia/Quotes

Skins[edit | edit source]

Cassia Skins
Rare Amazon Warmatron
Backstory: Cpl. Miles "Blaze" Lewis has always been drawn to the flame, but it wasn't until he joined up with Raynor's Raiders that he put his pyromania to good use. He's seen his fair share of battles since then, and has never failed to bring the heat.
Cassia Amazon Warmatron.jpg
Gem.png 750 / 10,000Money.png
Amazon Warmatron
Cassia Wondrous.jpg
Cassia Wild.jpg
Cassia Soaring.jpg
Gem.png 120 / 75Shard.png
Epic Pirate Queen
Backstory: From their secret hideout in Kraken's Cave, Cassia's fleet of ships unfurl their black sails on a mission to loot and plunder. Mistharbour will soon bow to a new pirate queen.
Notes: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of Mistharbour skins.
Cassia Pirate Queen.jpg
Gem.png 250 / 300Shard.png
Cassia Pirate Queen Seafury.jpg
Gem.png 250 / 300Shard.png
Cassia Pirate Queen Bloodsail.jpg
Gem.png 250 / 300Shard.png
Cassia Pirate Queen Whirlpool.jpg
Gem.png 250 / 300Shard.png
Cassia Pirate Queen Velvet.jpg
Gem.png 250 / 300Shard.png
Rare Warmatron
Backstory: After her victory against the Prime Evils, Cassia ascended through the ranks of the Askari to become their most legendary commander. The Warmatron's battle armor is a gift from Queen Xaera herself.
Cassia Warmatron.jpg
Gem.png 120 / 75Shard.png
Cassia Warmatron Deadwalker.jpg
Gem.png 120 / 75Shard.png
Cassia Warmatron Caldeum.jpg
Gem.png 120 / 75Shard.png
Cassia Warmatron Askari.jpg
Gem.png 120 / 75Shard.png
Cassia Warmatron Aranoch.jpg
Gem.png 120 / 75Shard.png
Abathur Event Skins
Rare Lunar Lunar Festival
Backstory: Though Cassia was skeptical of the Nexus's Lunar Festival at first, the act of honoring ancient gods and elders rings true to her Askari roots. She now gladly takes part in the festivities.
Notes: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of holiday skins.
Cassia Lunar.jpg
Gem.png 120 / 75Shard.png
Cassia Lunar Azure.jpg
Gem.png 120 / 75Shard.png
Cassia Lunar Jade.jpg
Gem.png 120 / 75Shard.png
Cassia Lunar Midnight.jpg
Gem.png 120 / 75Shard.png
Cassia Lunar Honored.jpg
Gem.png 120 / 75Shard.png

Portraits[edit | edit source]

Cassia Portraits
Carbot Cassia Portrait.png
Carbot Cassia
Gem.png 120 / 75Shard.png
Cassia Emblem Portrait.png
Cassia Emblem
Gem.png 75 / 40Shard.png
Cassia Hero Portrait.png
Cassia Hero
Cassia Mastery Portrait.png
Cassia Mastery
Lil' Lunar Cassia Portrait.png
Lunar Festival Lil' Lunar Cassia
Gem.png 75 / 40Shard.png
Toon Lunar Cassia Portrait.png
Lunar Festival Toon Lunar Cassia
Gem.png 75 / 40Shard.png
Wondrous Cassia Portrait.png
Wondrous Cassia
Gem.png 75 / 40Shard.png

Sprays[edit | edit source]

Cassia Sprays
Carbot Cassia Spray.png
Carbot Cassia
Gem.png 120 / 75Shard.png
Feast-ival Cassia Spray.gif
Lunar Festival Feast-ival Cassia
Gem.png 120 / 75Shard.png
Pirate Queen Cassia Spray.png
Pirate Queen Cassia
Gem.png 75 / 40Shard.png

Emojis[edit | edit source]

Cassia Pack 1 Emoji Cassia Pack 1 Cassia Happy.png Cassia Pack 2 Emoji Cassia Pack 2 Cassia Angry.png
Emoji Name Shortcut Emoji Name Shortcut
Emoji Cassia Pack 1 Cassia Happy.png Cassia Happy :cassiahappy:
Emoji Cassia Pack 2 Cassia Angry.png Cassia Angry :cassiaangry:
Emoji Cassia Pack 1 Cassia ROFL.png Cassia ROFL :cassialol:
Emoji Cassia Pack 2 Cassia Cool.png Cassia Cool :cassiacool:
Emoji Cassia Pack 1 Cassia Sad.png Cassia Sad :cassiasad:
Emoji Cassia Pack 2 Cassia Oops.png Cassia Embarrassed :cassiaoops:
Emoji Cassia Pack 1 Cassia Silly.png Cassia Silly :cassiasilly:
Emoji Cassia Pack 2 Cassia Love.png Cassia in Love :cassialove:
Emoji Cassia Pack 1 Cassia Meh.png Cassia Speechless :cassiameh:
Emoji Cassia Pack 2 Cassia Surprised.png Cassia Surprised :cassiawow:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Cassia represents the Amazon class from Diablo II (June 2000).
  • Cassia is a javelin-using Amazon, commonly referred to by Diablo players as a Javazon.
  • Cassia is voiced by Jessica Straus.
  • Wondrous Cassia is a reference to Wonder Woman.
  • Bloodsail Pirate Queen Cassia is a reference to the Bloodsail Buccaneers from World of Warcraft (November 2004).
  • A number of Cassia's talents reference items and skills from Diablo II:
    • Cassia's trait, Avoidance, is similar in name to Avoid and similar in function to Evade, both from the Passive and Magic Skills tree.
    • The talent Charged Strikes references Charged Strike from the Javelin Skills tree.
    • The talent Impale references Impale from the Spear Skills tree.
    • The talent Pierce references Pierce from the Passive and Magic Skills tree.
    • The talent Penetrate references Penetrate are a reference to the Skill from the Passive and Magic skills tree.
    • The talent Inner Light may be a variation on Inner Sight from the Passive and Magic Skills tree.
    • The talents Thunderstroke, Seraph's Hymn, War Traveler, Thundergod's Vigor, and Titan's Revenge are references to Unique items of the same names.
    • The talents Plate of the Whale and Ring of the Leech use Diablo II item suffixes. The Whale suffix gives the wearer a bonus to health; the Leech suffix grants lifesteal.

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Abilities[edit | edit source]

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