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Booty Coffers

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Booty Coffers
Booty Coffers.jpg
Battleground Information
Unique Objectives
  • Collect Doubloons
    • Attack Treasure Chests, Mercenaries, and Skeletons to collect Doubloons.
  • Turn in Doubloons
    • Hand your Doubloons over to Blackheart or you will drop them all when you die!
  • Bombard your Enemies
    • After receiving enough Doubloons from your Team, Blackheart will bombard your Enemy's forts!
Lanes 3
Announcer Blackheart
Realm Mistharbor
Release Date August 8, 2017
Blackheart got greedy! Only the richest team can hope to win over his favor with a hefty payment of 100 coins. Dodge cannonball barrages while trying to gather enough Doubloons to take down your enemies. Yarrrrrr![1]

Booty Coffers is a Brawl in Heroes of the Storm. It's a modified version of Blackheart's Bay.

Rules[edit | edit source]

  • Shuffle pick - Choose from one of three Heroes before entering the battle.
  • Standard play - no talent or level restrictions.
  • Blackheart appears immediately after the gates open, and accepts Doubloon turn-ins as usual.
  • Skeleton Doubloon camps have been removed from the map.
  • Doubloon chests spawn more often, appear at new locations, and drop more Doubloons.
    • Forts and keeps drop 10 Doubloons when they die.
    • Mercenary camps drop an additional 3 Doubloons (for a total of 5).
    • The Boss camp drops a total of 15 Doubloons.
  • While chests are active, Blackheart fires one cannonball every 2 seconds in an area immediately around the chest.
  • Blackheart does not bombard enemy structures as normal (at 10/12/14 Doubloons, etc.). Instead, he waits for a team to turn in 100 Doubloons, whereupon he bombards the enemy core until it's dead.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Complete two matches of the Booty Coffers brawl to earn a Loot Chest.

References[edit | edit source]

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