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Event Quote Audio
Briefing "Huh, what have we here? More of them scallywags comin' to Blackheart's Bay, eh?"
"Well, ye landlubbers! Here, everyone pays the respects to the captain. And this captain only respects one thing: coin! Haha!"
"Don't care how ye bucko's get 'em."
"Murder... Whatever!"
"Just bring yerselves to me ship, and hand over them doubloons! And I'll give ye enemies a payload of me own! Hahaha!"
Start of a Match "Get ready for battle, ya landlubbers!"
"Alright, I'm giving ya..."
"Now, let's see some action! Haha!"
"Let the battle begin!"
"Grant no quarter!"
Player Abandons "Looks like a hero has quit the fight."
Player Rejoins "Looks like that hero's back for more..."
Player Kills "A good kill there!"
"That one's not getting up!"
"Ho! That had to hurt!"
"Hero slain!"
Player Deaths "Could always use another soul in me crew. Hahaha."
"To the locker wit ya. Just for a while."
"Cold, isn't it? Hahaha!"
"So yer dead... You'll get over it."
"Yer dead, matey. Welcome to the crew."
Enemy Fort destroyed "One less fort!"
"Haha! I love it!"
"Fort destroyed!"
"Nothing but rubble left! <laugh>"
"Kiss that fort goodbye!"
Enemy Keep destroyed "Keep destroyed!"
"Keep demolished!"
"And there goes their keep!"
Own Fort lost "Yer enemy's destroyed a fort."
"The enemy's taking it to ya!"
"Looks like ya just lost a fort."
"Fort lost, mateys."
"Ugh, yer fort's in ruins."
Own Keep lost "Yer enemy's destroyed a keep!"
"Be careful, ya just lost a keep."
"Keep lost, buckos."
Core is under attack "Look alive! They're attacking yer core."
"Yer core is under attack."
Victory "Victory! Yar!"
"Jolly good! ...for a bunch of landlubbers. Hahaha!"
"Never tasted sweeter!"
Defeat "Up for another round?"
"Arr, the Bay be a cruel mistress."
"Ugh. Defeat."

Hero Quotes
Bruisers Bruiser

ArtanisChenD.VaDeathwingDehakaImperius (Demonic) • Leoric (Space Lord) • MalthaelRagnarosRexxarSonyaThrallVarianXulYrel

Healers Healer

AlexstraszaAnaAnduinAurielBrightwing (Flying Monkey) • DeckardKharazimLi LiLt. MoralesLúcioMalfurionRehgarStukovUtherTyrandeWhitemane

Melee Assassins Melee Assassin

AlarakGazloweIllidanKerrigan (Queen of Ghosts) • MaievMurkyQhiraSamuro (Monkey King) • The ButcherValeeraZeratul

Ranged Assassins Ranged Assassin

Azmodan (Azmodunk) • CassiaChromieFalstadGreymaneFenixGallGenjiGul'danHanzoJaina (DreadlordTheramore) • Junkrat (Sapper) • Kael'thasKel'ThuzadLi-MingLunaraMephistoNazeeboNovaOrpheaProbiusRaynorSgt. HammerSylvanasTracerTychus (Infested) • VallaZagaraZul'jin

Support Support

AbathurMedivhTassadar (Mecha) • The Lost VikingsZarya

Tanks Tank

Anub'arakArthasBlazeChoDiablo (LurkabloPrime Evil) • E.T.C.GarroshJohanna (Warsong) • Mal'GanisMeiMuradin (Maraudin') • StitchesTyrael (Mecha)

Announcer Quotes
Warcraft Warcraft

AlexstraszaAnub'arakAnduinArthasBrightwingDeathwingDrek'TharE.T.C.FalstadGarroshGazloweHeadless HorsemanIllidanJainaKel'ThuzadLi LiMaievMalfurionMal'GanisMuradinMurkyRehgarStitchesVanndar StormpikeWhitemaneYrel

StarCraft StarCraft

AbathurAdjutantAlarakBlazeDr. CookFenixMira HanSgt. HammerTassadarTychusZeratul

Diablo Diablo (franchise)

BelethThe ButcherDeckardDiabloIlarianImperiusJohannaMephistoNazeeboSonyaTyraelValla

Overwatch Overwatch

AthenaD.VaGenjiHanzoJunkratKatya VolskayaMei

Nexus Heroes of the Storm

Arena AnnouncerBlackheartCommodore FordEl GuapoGrave KeeperKaKevin "cloaken" JohnsonLady of ThornsMC TombstoneNeithisOrpheaQhiraQueen NightshadeMecha TyraelRaven LordThe Kid