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Battlegrounds or maps are the battlefields upon which the heroes do battle and matches are fought. Each battleground has a different layout as well as unique features that set it apart from the others. Completing these special objectives can give your team massive advantages, though these advantages and the means of obtaining them are different on each battleground.

Features[edit | edit source]

While each map differs substantially in its layout, all battlegrounds have some basic features in common. At the far left and right of each battleground lie the bases of the blue and red teams, respectively. Reaching out from these two bases are several lanes, running the length of the battleground and serving as conduits for minions and heroes to assault the enemy. Between lanes are dotted special secondary objectives, including watchtowers and mercenary camps, as well as special objectives unique to each battleground.

Structures[edit | edit source]

Arthas and Illidan attempt to assault an enemy Fort.
Main article: Structures

Structures are fortified positions placed along the lanes in the battlegrounds. Each team has one or more fort in each lane, with one being their main base, home to the team's core. Each fort contains their own towers, castles, healing wells, and strong gates that prevent enemies from marching through them.

Forts represent the main form of progression within a match, with the destruction of enemy forts and structures serving to remove enemy defences, allowing for unrestricted movement across the battlefield, and ultimately opening up access to the enemy core, allowing the team to win the match.

At the centre of its main base, each team has a core. The destruction of the enemy core is the ultimate objective of each game, immediately winning the match.

Lanes[edit | edit source]

Chen fighting some Minions on a lane
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Each battleground features between 2 and 3 lanes, serving to connect the two bases. These lanes serve as conduits along which minions progress, and on which each team's forts are placed. The lanes are the main location for battle in each battleground, especially in the earlier game.

Maintaining control of lanes and dividing players and attention between each lane is key to the strategy of Heroes of the Storm. Each battleground requires a different approach, and various strategies are possible for each, determined by team composition and player preference, as well as the actions of the opposition.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

The Objective on Warhead Junction: Launching Nukes
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Although all maps of Heroes of the Storm have the same overall goal of destroying the enemy Core, a specific and unique objective will help with the goal of destruction. Objectives can either be collecting doubloons to bribe a ghostly pirate or capturing tributes to curse enemies. Often, play on the map revolves around the prevalence of these objectives alongside the usual side objectives, and they are usually devastating in effect. Team fights are usually forced during those objectives as it is likely that you will meet the enemy team while going for the same objective.

Mercenary camps[edit | edit source]

Main article: Mercenary camp

Mercenary camps exist between the lanes, similar to jungle camps in other hero brawler games. When defeated, they grant mercenaries that aid your team's minion wave, pushing against enemy forts with much more powerful minions. Mercenary camps also provide bonus experience when they're defeated.

Battlegrounds[edit | edit source]

Name Objective Lanes Announcer Realm Release Date
Alterac Pass Invade enemy territory, free allied prisoners, call in the cavalry, and claim this three-lane Battleground for your General—but watch out for those treacherous mud pits! 3 Drek'Thar & Vanndar Stormpike Azeroth 2018-06-12
Battlefield of Eternity Two Immortals fight each other until heroes intervene. The team that manages to defeat the opposing Immortal first allows their immortal to joins its team in-lane to help push. The Immortal will push the enemy lane that has the least structural damage done in it. 2 Beleth & Ilarian Sanctuary 2015-07-21
Blackheart's Bay Heroes can collect doubloons that they can bring to the pirate lord, Blackheart, on the map. When a team brings him enough treasure, Blackheart commands his ghost ship to fire on the enemy team's towers. Heroes gather doubloons from attacking treasure chests that spawn periodically and killing cursed creep camps in the jungle. If a hero dies while holding coins, they drop all the coins they've collected, which can be picked up by allies or enemies. 3 Blackheart Mistharbor 2014-03-13
Braxis Holdout Capture both beacons when they activate to store Zerg in your Holding Cell. Once a team's Hold Cell is full, it can be unleashed on the enemy team in multiple Zerg Waves. 2 Adjutant & Dr. Cook Koprulu Sector 2016-09-13
Cursed Hollow Cursed Hollow is a haunted forest where the Raven Lord demands tribute. Tributes spawn periodically and can be captured by either team. If a team secures three tributes, they bestow a curse on the enemy team for a time. Cursed minions have 1 hit point, and cursed structures cannot fire. 3 Raven Lord Raven Court 2014-03-13
Dragon Shire The Dragon Shire contains the Obelisk of the Sun and the Obelisk of the Moon, both of which can be captured. Once both Obelisks are captured by one team, a hero from that team can approach the Dragon Altar which will turn them into the Dragon Knight, a powerful vehicle that does extra damage to structures. 3 Lady of Thorns King's Crest 2014-03-13
Garden of Terror The Garden of Terror is a three lane battleground that has a day and night sequence that will change with the actions of the teams. During the night you'll want to collect a total of 100 seeds, which will give you the opportunity to summon a Garden Terror using the fertile soil in your main base. Your hero will then be able to become the terror for a time, allowing you to use its powers to help your team push. 3 Queen Nightshade King's Crest 2014-07-23
Hanamura Payloads are the key to victory on Hanamura: escort a Payload to its final destination and deal damage to the opposing team's Core. 2 Athena Overwatch 2017-04-25
Haunted Mines Haunted Mines is a two lane map that takes place above and below ground. The mines contain the skulls and bones of dead warriors that can be brought back to the surface and combined using dark magic to create golems. After a certain period the mine entrances in the map open up, allowing heroes to access the mines. Killing creeps in the mines causes them to drop skulls, with the boss monster in the mines dropping a significant amount. Once all the skulls in the mines have been collected, a Grave Golem appears for each team, with their power being determined by how many skulls their team collected. After the next mine phase, the golems will respawn where they died, forcing teams to assault the enemy golem as soon as possible to prevent it from rising near (or inside) their base. 2 Grave Keeper Raven Court 2014-03-13
Infernal Shrines Three shrines will periodically gather power. Teams can unleash this power by activating a shrine, defeating its Skeletal Defenders, and summoning a devastating Punisher to fight for them. These powerful bosses will spawn with one of three deadly affixes—Arcane, Frozen, or Mortar— and will hunt down nearby enemy Heroes as well as pushing the lane closest to their shrine. 3 Beleth & Ilarian Sanctuary 2015-08-18
Sky Temple The objective of the map resides within the temples located at the top, middle, and bottom of the map. Periodically any number of these temples will activate. Once activated players can attempt to control the temples by standing within the grounds harnessing the temple's lasers to attack the enemy buildings. While controlling the point the temple will release its Sky Temple Guardians to defend the grounds, which consist of five neutral monsters. Once the temple is depleted and the guardians destroyed it will fire 5 rapid lasers at the enemy's buildings before deactivating. 3 Ka Luxoria 2015-01-13
Tomb of the Spider Queen The Spider Queen Neithis demands gems, which drop off of dead enemy spider minions or heroes. If a team collects enough gems, Webweavers will be summoned which will then walk down the lane besieging buildings and enemies until they are killed. 3 Neithis Luxoria 2015-03-24
Towers of Doom Cores are protected by barriers that cannot be destroyed by heroes. Teams must clash to activate the altars that rise within the town. Once an altar is claimed, each of the capturing team's bell towers will fire on the opposing core. Six bell towers in total guard this battleground. Upon destruction, a bell tower will turn against its former allies, each adding one more payload to the explosive volley that will fire when an altar is captured. 3 Grave Keeper & Raven Lord Raven Court 2015-11-24
Volskaya Foundry The Foundry is a snowy, sprawling three-lane control battleground featuring three Overwatch-style capture points, moving conveyor belts, and a giant two-seater mech, the Triglav Protector. 3 Katya Volskaya Overwatch 2017-09-26
Warhead Junction Collect Warheads as they periodically spawn in order to activate a Nuke. Launch the Nukes to destroy the enemy team's structures. 3 Adjutant Koprulu Sector 2016-09-27

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