Battlefield of Eternity

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Battlefield of Eternity
Battlefield of Eternity.jpg
Battleground Information
Unique Objectives
  • After a while the two immortals will start to fight in the middle of the battleground
  • Defeat the enemy immortal or help your own immortal
  • After a short time, the winner will help his team, attacking in one of the lanes
First Objective 3:00 minutes
Subsequent Objectives 1:45 minutes after the last Immortal dies
Lanes 2
Announcer Beleth & Ilarian
Realm Sanctuary
Release Date July 21, 2015
The High Heavens and the Burning Hells clash, quite literally, in a battlefield that represents their everlasting struggle. Two Immortals, ancient warriors locked in a duel to the death, need your help to prevail against their eternal foe. Vanquish the enemy Immortal, and you’ll find yourself charging over hallowed or profane ground—right onto the enemy’s doorstep.[1]

The Battlefield of Eternity is a two-lane battleground with a teamfight centric mechanic. Two monsters (known as Immortals) fight each other until heroes intervene. The winning Immortal joins its team in-lane to help push. Siege camps consist of three Khazra, while bruiser camps have two Fallen hounds and a Fallen Shaman who resummons the hounds until he dies.[2]

The first Battleground objective event will activate 3 minutes into the match, following a 30-second warning. The Minimap indicates upcoming Immortal spawn locations 30 seconds after the game begins. Subsequent Immortal indicators appear on the Minimap shortly after a previously summoned Immortal has been defeated.

Map layout[edit | edit source]

The "Battlefield of Eternity" battleground has two lanes with all of the objectives located in the middle of the map.

Battlefield of Eternity map.jpg

Immortals[edit | edit source]

There are four circles that the two immortals will start their battle in random two circles. After one of the immortals life reach 50% they will go to the other two circles.

Mercenary camps[edit | edit source]

There are four mercenary camps to be recruited in this battleground:

  • Impalers - located near the top lane will push the nearest lane when captured.
  • Fallen Shamans - located near the middle gate.

Map Objective[edit | edit source]

Core Ability: Frozen Orbs[edit | edit source]

  • Every 12 seconds, the Core will spawn 2 volleys of Frozen Orbs that explode, dealing 5% maximum Health as damage and Rooting enemy Heroes hit for 1.5 seconds.

Engage in Immortal Combat[edit | edit source]

Loadscreen eternity icon1.png

The Immortals are the main objectives on Battlefield of Eternity. Warning at 2:30 spawn at 3:00. Each team is allied with an Immortal, assigned based on which side of the map your Core is located. The team with the left Core is allied with the angelic Immortal Ilarian, while the team with the right Core is allied with the demonic Immortal Beleth. The Minimap icons that represent Immortals during an event should help players to quickly identify which Immortal to attack and which to defend: The opposing Immortal uses an icon depicting crossed axes, while the allied Immortal displays a shield icon.

Defeat the Enemy[edit | edit source]

Loadscreen eternity icon2.png

They always spawn first South vs North (Heaven South, Hell North). The Immortals appear to be locked in a conflict with each other; however, they do not deal damage to each other. They can only be damaged by players of the opposing team. There are four positions an Immortal can take, although the two will always be opposite of one another.

When one of the Immortals reaches half health, the Immortals are removed from the map for 10 seconds before returning in a new position. For the very first set of Immortals, the Immortals will always move to “aggressive” positions in enemy territory with the Demon in the West and the Angel in the East. Afterwards, locations are completely randomized, although the two are guaranteed to be directly opposed (north vs. south or east vs. west) and the initial position is telegraphed on the minimap.

Immortals use two abilities while they fight in the middle of the map: Cleave and an area Explosions. Both Immortal abilities display warning indicators on the ground, and can be dodged. An Immortal's abilities will not harm Heroes allied with it. The Cleave is a charged knockback whirlwind and has a 14 second cooldown, with the Immortal charging for 2 seconds before dealing heavy damage, knocking back any enemies 4.375m and stunning for 0.5 seconds. The Explosions are area stun circles and have a 14 second cooldown, taking 2 seconds to detonate before stunning any enemies caught for 2 seconds while dealing heavy damage.

While the Immortal’s abilities are easily avoidable if they are the only concern, they are quite punishing if they do hit, incentivizing defending teams to use their crowd control and displacements to set players up for Immortal knockbacks and stuns. Classic examples of this are Alarak, Diablo, and Garrosh.

Devastate Forts[edit | edit source]

Loadscreen eternity icon3.png

Once one of the two Immortals is reduced to 0 HP, the surviving Immortal flies to the center of the map to charge up over 15 seconds, depositing two Regeneration Globes. At this point, any remaining hit points of the surviving Immortal are added to it as a shield. This means that an Immortal that survives with full hit points will be almost twice as hard to defend as an Immortal who survives with very low hit points. Once the Immortal is fully charged, it will fly to the lane that has sustained the least damage to enemy structures.

In lane, an Immortal has ranged attacks so long as it has shields. Each attack it makes drains shields until it has none. The Immortal switches to melee attacks afterward. The Immortal retains similar abilities to its racing incarnation, with the exception that the stun only summons up to 3 circles instead of 5.[3]

Once the Immortal is killed in lane, the next phase starts in 1:45. This gives teams time to regroup, push lanes, and pursue Mercenary Camps. Subsequent Immortal indicators appear on the Minimap shortly after a previously summoned Immortal has been defeated. The respawn positions are on random positions, but never the same as the previous one.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Clicking on the weapon rack in Hell's top-lane base five times causes it to drop Wrath Sonya's Quel'Serrar. If a player does this, a treasure goblin will appear at the end of the match to steal treasure from the defeated team's core.[4]
  • Battlefield of Eternity is the only map that The Announcer serve also as a Boss/Objective Unit, participating the battle as well.
  • The splash art for loading screen depicts Tyrande, Johanna and Tassadar on the High Heavens' side; while The Butcher, Hellhammer Thrall and Abathur represent the Burning Hells.

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