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The awards system is a system of player recognition in Heroes of the Storm. It is a mixture of game- and player-chosen recognition and commendations.

Becoming the MVP[edit | edit source]

At the end of every match, excluding Custom matches and some Brawls, the game will automatically promote a player to MVP.png MVP (most valuable player) based on their performance in the match. The number of votes required to achieve epic and legendary commendations on the end of match awards screen have each been reduced by one vote.

All players will be eligible for the title of MVP and Awards, regardless of whether or not they were on the winning team, so be sure to try your hardest in every match to earn your place on the Award screen. The MVP screen will display the MVP’s top three stats from the match.

Feats of strength[edit | edit source]

Of course, the MVP isn't alone in performing heroic feats of strength on the battlefield. Awards will also be distributed at the end of the match to four other players who made significant unique individual contributions to their team. Just like the MVP, skill will earn a place on the Award screen, allowing others to commend a player's achievement, as well as a unique icon next to their name on the end-of-match Stats screen.

Award Description
Avenger.png Avenger Player with the most revenge kills (killed the Hero that last killed them).
Bulwark.png Bulwark Most damage taken by a Warrior Hero.
ClutchHealer.png Clutch Healer Most clutch heals (healed a Hero who would otherwise die).
CombatMedic.png Combat Medic Most team fight damage healed.
Daredevil.png Daredevil Made the most escapes at critically low health during teamfights.
Dominator.png Dominator Scored the most takedowns in one life.
EscapeArtist.png Escape Artist Made the most escapes at critically low health.
Experienced.png Experienced Most experience earned for the team.
Finisher.png Finisher Most kills scored.
Guardian.png Guardian Most team fight damage soaked.
HatTrick.png Hat Trick Scored the first three kills of the game.
Headhunter.png Headhunter Most Mercenary camps captured.
MainHealer.png Main Healer Most healing done to allied heroes.
Painbringer.png Painbringer Most damage dealt to enemy heroes.
Protector.png Protector Most damage prevented (e.g. using shields).
Scrapper.png Scrapper Most damage dealt in team fights.
SiegeMaster.png Siege Master Most damage dealt to enemy structures and Minions.
Silencer.png Silencer Longest combined Silence time against enemy heroes (including Polymorphs).
SoleSurvivor.png Sole Survivor The only Hero with no deaths.
Stunner.png Stunner Longest combined Stun time against enemy Heroes (including Sleep).
TeamPlayer.png Team Player Did not die while outnumbered by the enemy team.
Trapper.png Trapper Longest combined Root time against enemy heroes.

Some feats are tied to a map's secondary objective.

Award Description
Cannoneer.png Cannoneer Most Core damage done on Towers of Doom.
DaBomb.png Da Bomb Most damage dealt with Nukes on Warhead Junction.
GardenTerror.png Garden Terror Most damage dealt to Shamblers and neutral Garden Terrors on Garden of Terror.
GuardianSlayer.png Guardian Slayer Most damage dealt to Shrine Guardians on Infernal Shrines.
ImmortalSlayer.png Immortal Slayer Most damage dealt to the enemy Immortal on Battlefield of Eternity.
Jeweler.png Jeweler Most gems turned in on Tomb of the Spider Queen.
LoyalDefender.png Loyal Defender Most interrupted cage unlock attempts on Alterac Pass.
MasterOfTheCurse.png Master of the Curse Most damage dealt during Curses on Cursed Hollow.
Moneybags.png Moneybags Most coins turned in on Blackheart's Bay.
PointGuard.png Point Guard Most time to occupy a Control Point on Volskaya Foundry.
Pusher.png Pusher Most time pushing a Payload on Hanamura.
Shriner.png Shriner Most shrine captures on Dragon Shire.
SkullCollector.png Skull Collector Most skulls collected on Haunted Mines.
TempleMaster.png Temple Master Most time to occupy a Temple on Sky Temple.
ZergCrusher.png Zerg Crusher Most damage dealt against enemy Zerg on Braxis Holdout.

Commending a Contender[edit | edit source]

Instead of leaving it up to the game to completely decide who had the greatest or most impressive individual impact, we’re allowing everyone in the game to pick an awarded player to commend at the end of every match. Commendations serve as a virtual thumbs-up, recognizing the player that you thought earned some additional attention. By simply clicking the arrow underneath that player’s Award, you can boost them up and support their accomplishments for everyone to see. Allied chat will also be available for the duration of the Awards celebration, which should take about 15 seconds in total, so dish out commendations and say your congrats to any teammates who you feel deserved some praise! Players who receive enough commendations at the end of the match will be elevated to Epic or Legendary status and may even receive a little extra fanfare