Assault Trooper

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Assault Trooper
Targetinfopanel unit volskaya merc siege.png
Merc Information
Base Health (Camp) 2300
Base Damage (Camp) 75
Base Health (Captured) 1400
Base Damage (Captured) 50
Attack Range 10
Capture XP 240 XP (+10XP per minute);
Maps Volskaya Foundry
Spawns after 1:00 minutes
Respawn delay 3:00 minutes

Assault Troopers are mercenaries found on Volskaya Foundry.

Spawning in groups of 3, these hovering exoskeletons have a long ranged attack and are able to attack structures outside of their attack ranges. Statistically, the assault camp units are reskinned Khazra, with no splash and lower early-game DPS that scales better into the late game.

Because the Assault units go into the top lane, they are most effective when the objective is in the middle or bottom lanes, as then they require players to travel the farthest to clear the camp and return to the objective.[1]

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