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Arena battlegrounds pit two teams of five against each other in best-of-three competition. These fierce, close-quarters skirmishes will take place on an ever-evolving field of battle.

All who enter the Arenas must select one of three random heroes offered to them before the start of each match. Players will be able to see all the choices available to their teammates and coordinate on these Hero picks. Once players enter the Arena, they’ll choose their Heroic Abilities and ride directly into battle to capture Temples or topple Garden Terrors on their quest to destroy the opposing Core. Once a Core has been obliterated to end the round—and each round lasting only a few minutes—all Heroes will be transported to a new Arena, and the next battle will begin. The first team to raze two Cores will achieve victory, earning the adoration of the Nexus denizens watching from the stands. With no limit to the number of times a Hero can appear on each team’s roster, every Arena match is all but guaranteed to result in epic brawls unlike any encountered before.[1]

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