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Almost every year™, Blizzard takes some extra time to devote to April Fools'. More than a few of those jokes (like Cho'Gall or Pajamathur) have turned out to be true!

2016[edit | edit source]

Heroes of the Storm - IN BETA: NEXUS LANE VIEW![edit | edit source]

Champions of the Nexus: we've heard your feedback, your ideas, your hunger for more Heroes of the Storm. And more than any question of balance or mechanical tweaks, more than any new Hero requests or evocative skin ideas, the question we hear most often from the strongest voices in the Heroes of the Storm community is: “Can I zoom in farther on your official website?”

We can finally tell you the answer to that question. Yes. Today, we’re proud to announce a way to zoom in so far, you’ll zoom directly into the Nexus.

That’s right: Nexus Lane View.

2015[edit | edit source]

Heroes of the Storm - INTRODUCING: BIG HEAD MODE[edit | edit source]

  • Experience enhanced collision using Facecheck™ technology as you run headfirst into tall grass and bushes and scour for your enemies!
  • An all-new set of unique character dialogue brings to life these familiar Heroes as you’ve never heard them before.
  • Get closer to your beloved Heroes and get a new perspective on your favorite Battlegrounds, just watch out for low-hanging branches!
  • Be wary fighting against opponents who specialize in headshots. Just because your character has more innate charisma now doesn’t mean that Nova will show you any mercy!
  • Bonus features: Many models have received HD upgrades to their heads and hair, adding increased size and fidelity to their brazen beards, majestic antlers, stunning mandibles, and more.

2014[edit | edit source]


All great geneticists get their start somewhere, and for Pajamathur, that moment came shortly after he was created by the Overmind from a collection of many species. Ever since that day, he’s worked to harness his innate talent to improve and enhance the Swarm, while also making sure he gets enough naptime. Staying well-rested and well-equipped with a variety of toys is key to his success, and he’s just the jammie-wearing zerg you want on your team when you’re working to undermine the efforts of your enemies.