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Default Announcer

Announcers are voice packs in Heroes of the Storm that modify the voice of the Voiceover during gameplay. These announcers can apply to any franchise, and only have made for famous characters. [1]

How to get[edit | edit source]

  • Announcers can be obtained from a Loot Chest, Announcers currently are in Epic and Legendary rarity.
  • Epic Announcers can be crafted with Shard.png 400, while Legendary Announcers require Shard.png 1,600.

List of Announcers[edit | edit source]

Default[edit | edit source]

The default voiceover, which is determined by the map itself. Some of them are purchasable as well.

Announcer Map Notes
Adjutant Braxis Holdout & Warhead Junction
Arena Announcer Punisher Arena, Temple Arena & Garden Arena
Athena Hanamura Temple
Beleth Battlefield of Eternity & Infernal Shrines Announcer for the Burning Hells (right side) .
Blackheart Blackheart's Bay & Blackheart's Revenge (Brawl) Announcer for Protectors' (left) side in Blackheart's Revenge.
Commodore Ford Blackheart's Revenge (Brawl) Announcer for Destroyers' (right) side in Blackheart's Revenge.
Dr. Cook Braxis Holdout
Drek'Thar Alterac Pass Announcer for the Horde (right side).
Grave Keeper Haunted Mines & Towers of Doom Announcer for the right side in Towers of Doom
Headless Horseman Hallow's End (Brawl)
Ilarian Battlefield of Eternity & Infernal Shrines Announcer for the High Heavens (left side) .
Ka Sky Temple
Katya Volskaya Volskaya Foundry
Lady of Thorns Dragon Shire
Mira Han Deadman's Stand (Brawl)
Neithis Tomb of the Spider Queen
Queen Nightshade Garden of Terror
Raven Lord Cursed Hollow & Towers of Doom Announcer for the left side in Towers of Doom
Vanndar Stormpike Alterac Pass Announcer for the Alliance (left) side.

Items in bold are also available for crafting. Items in italics are crafted with GoldMoney.png.

Special[edit | edit source]

  • Li-Ming (only calls out her own killstreaks)

Purchasable[edit | edit source]

Warcraft Warcraft
Alexstrasza Announcer.png
Epic Alexstrasza
Shard.png 400
Anub'arak Announcer.png
Epic Anub'arak
Shard.png 400
Arthas Announcer.png
Epic Arthas
Shard.png 400
Brightwing Announcer.png
Legendary Brightwing
Shard.png 1,600
Drek'Thar Announcer.png
Legendary Drek'Thar
Shard.png 1,600
E.T.C. Announcer.png
Epic E.T.C.
Shard.png 400
Falstad Announcer.png
Epic Falstad
Shard.png 400
Garrosh Announcer.png
Epic Garrosh
Shard.png 400
Gazlowe Announcer.png
Epic Gazlowe
Shard.png 400
Illidan Announcer.png
Epic Illidan
Shard.png 400
Jaina Announcer.png
Epic Jaina
Shard.png 400
Kel'Thuzad Announcer.png
Epic Kel'Thuzad
Shard.png 400
Li Li Announcer.png
Epic Li Li
Shard.png 400
Maiev Announcer.png
Epic Maiev
Shard.png 400
Malfurion Announcer.png
Epic Malfurion
Shard.png 400
Mal'Ganis Announcer.png
Epic Mal'Ganis
Shard.png 400
Muradin Announcer.png
Epic Muradin
Shard.png 400
Murky Announcer.png
Legendary Murky
Shard.png 1,600
Stitches Announcer.png
Epic Stitches
Shard.png 400
Rehgar Announcer.png
Epic Rehgar
Shard.png 400
Vanndar Announcer.png
Legendary Vanndar
Shard.png 1,600
Yrel Announcer.png
Epic Yrel
Shard.png 400
Whitemane Announcer.png
Epic Whitemane
Shard.png 400
StarCraft StarCraft
Abathur Announcer.png
Legendary Abathur
Shard.png 1,600
Adjutant Announcer.png
Legendary Adjutant
Shard.png 1,600
Alarak Announcer.png
Legendary Alarak
Shard.png 1,600
Blaze Announcer.png
Epic Blaze
Shard.png 400
Fenix Announcer.png
Epic Fenix
Shard.png 400
Mira Han Announcer.png
Legendary Mira Han
Shard.png 1,600
Sgt. Hammer Announcer.png
Epic Sgt. Hammer
Shard.png 400
Tassadar Announcer.png
Epic Tassadar
Shard.png 400
Tychus Announcer.png
Epic Tychus
Shard.png 400
Zeratul Announcer.png
Epic Zeratul
Shard.png 400
Diablo (franchise) Diablo
Beleth Announcer.png
Legendary Beleth
Shard.png 1,600
The Butcher Announcer.png
Epic The Butcher
Shard.png 400
Deckard Announcer.png
Legendary Deckard
Shard.png 1,600
Diablo Announcer.png
Epic Diablo
Shard.png 400
Imperius Announcer.png
Legendary Imperius
Shard.png 1,600
Johanna Announcer.png
Epic Johanna
Shard.png 400
Mephisto Announcer.png
Epic Mephisto
Shard.png 400
Nazeebo Announcer.png
Epic Nazeebo
Shard.png 400
Sonya Announcer.png
Epic Sonya
Shard.png 400
Tyrael Announcer.png
Epic Tyrael
Shard.png 400
Valla Announcer.png
Epic Valla
Shard.png 400
Overwatch Overwatch
Athena Announcer.png
D.Va Announcer.png
Epic D.Va
Shard.png 400
Genji Announcer.png
Epic Genji
Shard.png 400
Hanzo Announcer.png
Epic Hanzo
Shard.png 400
Junkrat Announcer.png
Legendary Junkrat
Shard.png 1,600
Heroes of the Storm Nexus
Blackheart Announcer.png
Cloaken Announcer.png
Legendary Cloaken
El Guapo Announcer.png
El Guapo
Quest Icon.png Quest Reward
Grave Keeper Announcer.png
Legendary Grave Keeper
Shard.png 1,600
Ka Announcer.png
Legendary Ka
Shard.png 1,600
The Kid Announcer.png
The Kid
Quest Icon.png Quest Reward
Lady of Thorns Announcer.png
Legendary Lady of Thorns
Shard.png 1,600
Mecha Tyrael Announcer.png
Legendary Mecha Tyrael
Shard.png 1,600
Neithis Announcer.png
Legendary Neithis
Shard.png 1,600
Orphea Announcer.png
Legendary Orphea
Shard.png 1,600
Queen Nightshade Announcer.png
Legendary Queen Nightshade
Shard.png 1,600
Raven Lord Announcer.png
Legendary Raven Lord
Shard.png 1,600

References[edit | edit source]

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