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Alexander Klontza
Alexander Klontzas.jpg
Birth Date Unknown
Occupation Senior Game Producer
Projects Unknown

Alexander Klontza was the former Senior Game Producer on Blizzard Entertainment's Heroes of the Storm development team. He left the HOTS team and moved to another Blizzard project after Heroes of the Dorm was shut down.[1]

Alex Klontzas oversaw all aspects of live operations and live design for Blizzard Entertainment’s MOBA. He managed new releases to the live game as well as responsed to service incidents, such as getting hotfixes out to the public. He also helped to keep the live game balanced by working with the live design team to release everything from small gameplay updates to major Hero reworks on a regular basis.

Background[edit | edit source]

Alexander Klontzas works on the live operations team, which handles a large part of the content pipeline and makes sure that the company’s online team brawler stays up and running. His team makes sure that players can enjoy new content as it is released by delivering it via patches or releasing hotfixes and service updates so that things run smoothly. His team coordinates patch releases with the approach that Heroes of the Storm is a service and their goal is to ensure that players experience the least amount of disruption or downtime possible.

Klontzas joined Blizzard Entertainment Europe in 2007 as a customer support representative supporting all Blizzard games whenever a player would have any sort of issue. He then transitioned to project management on the team and was heavily involved in setting up EU payment methods. He served as associate game project manager for StarCraft II and Heroes of the Storm for the EU and Latin America regions before moving to Blizzard HQ to serve in his current role.

Klontzas enjoys playing games in his spare time and also mixes electronic music and dabbles in Unity and C#. He grew up on an island, so he tries to make frequent trips out to the ocean to swim and soak in the sun. He also enjoys squash, because who doesn't love smashing a ball against a wall as hard as you can?[2]

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