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Alan Dabiri
Alan Dabiri.jpg
Birth Date Unknown
Occupation Former Game Director
Projects Heroes of the Storm
Warcraft III
StarCraft II

Alan Dabiri, nicknamed Captain ADab, is the former Game Director and former Lead Software Engineer of Heroes of the Storm. In October 2018, Dabiri announced he would be stepping down as the game's Director to work on an unannounced project for Blizzard[1].

Background[edit | edit source]

Alan started at Blizzard — his first job in the game industry—more than 20 years ago. Since beginning with the company in 1995, Alan has served as a software engineer on numerous teams, contributing to the development of Warcraft III and its expansion, and StarCraft II and its expansions.

As Blizzard Entertainment's game director for Heroes of the Storm, Alan Dabiri oversees all aspects of gameplay, user experience, and future development direction for the genre-defying MOBA. A 20-year Blizzard veteran, Alan has had a hand in many aspects of Heroes of the Storm's development, and in building and shaping the vision of the game, since its original conception. Before assuming his current role, Dabiri served as a technical director for Heroes of the Storm, providing leadership and vision for the game's engineering team, and supporting the overall direction of the game's development along with the rest of its leadership. In this role, Alan lead the Heroes team through many significant updates including many online/UI system updates, match-making and performance improvements. After spending several years helping build the technical foundations of both StarCraft II and Heroes of the Storm, Dabiri is now focused entirely on the latter game.[2]

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References[edit | edit source]

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