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Stitches viewing his talent tree.

Talents are available to each hero. They act as stat boosts for a hero's base stats and/or abilities. During a game up to 7 Talents can be selected by each player. One talent is unlocked at the start of the game and are unlocked every 3 levels, with the exception of the final talent which is unlocked after 4 levels. The levels of the talents are levels (1/4/7/10/13/16/20). Talents at level 10 unlock the respective heroic ability (R) for the hero (also called Ultimate), which can be upgraded with certain talents at level 20.

At those respective levels, you have a choice of talents (generally 3-4), which can help build your hero to perform better in certain situations or just make your hero stronger overall. Certain talents on a hero may be picked in order to counter the choices of players on the enemy team. Once a talent is chosen, the change cannot be undone, so choose wisely!

Types of Talents[edit | edit source]

  • Talents offer many things, they can:
    • alter existing Hero abilities, e.g. Greymane's level 1 talent Wolfheart causes his W ability to grant him Cooldown Reduction for his W with every auto-attack.
    • improve their statistics.
    • modify a hero's auto-attacks to have new effects, e.g. life steal or increased damage.
    • be actives that require you to activate in order to use it's effect, e.g. Iceblock, pressing it puts you in a stasis where you are affected by nothing and cannot move.
  • Quest Talents are talents that require the player to complete a certain "quest" to receive a reward, e.g. Regeneration Master - Collect 30 regen globes, once you collect 30 you gain 500 health.
    • Once you reach the quest goal, you no longer need to get stacks, as you have already been rewarded.
    • Certain quest talents let you stack infinitely however there is no "reward". Generally these talents boost the damage of an ability, e.g. Muradin's Perfect Storm - every time you land your Q it gets 5 bonus damage.
  • Ultimate/Heroic Ability: The talent a hero chooses at level 10, generally a choice between 2 heroics (there are exceptions) these are game changing abilities that you ultimately race to get in the early game. They can change the course of a fight especially if the enemy team does not have them.
  • Storm Talents: The talents at level 20, these are powerful late-game talents that are useful. Generally made up of Heroic ability upgrades and other storm talents such as Bolt of the Storm. If you have not won before 20, this is where you need to push your advantage. Never fight when below 20 and the enemy team is at 20.
  • Generic Talents: Some talents are generetic and not pecific to any hero, like Bolt of the Storm or Rewind