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Uther, Tassadar and Kharazim.

Support heroes are known for keeping their team alive through buffs, heals and shields. Supports can stay close to friendly heroes and allies and keep them alive.

List of support heroes[edit | edit source]

Name Universe Description
Diablo (franchise) A Healer that excels when paired with a high-octane damage dealer.
Warcraft A Healer who can teleport to allies, excelling on large battlegrounds.
Diablo (franchise) A flexible Healer that pairs well with Melee allies who like to dive into the enemy team.
Warcraft A sustained Healer who works well against Physical attackers by Blinding them.
Overwatch A sustained Healer who gives his team mobility and peels enemies off teammates.
Warcraft A strong sustained Healer who can help lockdown enemies to secure takedowns.
StarCraft A strong, sustained Healer who's unbeatable if left alone by her enemies.
Warcraft A well-rounded Healer that pairs well with Melee allies.
StarCraft A Support who can enable damage dealers who like to dive the enemy team.
Warcraft A Support who helps her allies lockdown and finish off enemies.
Warcraft A Healer that can negate high bursts of damage.

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