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Abathur, Nazeebo, and Murky.

Specialist heroes do various things that aren't covered by other roles. Specialists can be siege heroes that do massive damage to enemy bases and towers, but some can have completely different effects on the flow of battles.

List of specialist heroes[edit | edit source]

Name Universe Description
StarCraft A unique Hero that can manipulate the battle from anywhere on the map.
Diablo (franchise) A Summoner that can also deal high damage from far away.
Warcraft A Summoner that specializes in controling key areas of the battleground.
The Lost Vikings (franchise) Three Heroes in one! Can gather experience from multiple locations.
Warcraft A Support who can negate burst damage and allow his teammates to teleport.
Warcraft Not quite a full Hero, Murky can place an Egg to respawn quickly back into battle.
Diablo (franchise) A sustained damage Mage whom gains power when killing enemy minions.
StarCraft A high damage Summoner that must stay near Pylons to be effective.
StarCraft A long-range, Physical Damage dealer that needs protection from Allies.
Warcraft An Assassin who can shut down enemy Forts and Keeps.
Diablo (franchise) A Summoner who has both strong wave clear and powerful team fighting capabilities.
StarCraft A Summoner who provides lots of vision of the battleground.

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