Haunted Mines

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"The Haunted Mines"
The Haunted Mines.jpg
Unique Objectives
  • Kill the Undead Army and Mine Golem inside the mines
  • Collected the skulls
  • The strength of the Mine Golems is based on amount of skulls collected

"The Haunted Mines" is a two-lane two-level battleground set in the realm of Raven Court. Inside the mines, an undead army and a Mine Golem spawn periodically which drop skulls when killed. Collecting skulls empower your team's Mine Golem, with the team with the highest amount of skulls, out of 100 available, having a stronger one. The Mine Golem, once resurrected, will walk down the lane smashing buildings and enemies until its defeated.

Background[edit | edit source]

Far from the Cursed Hollow, on the very borders of Raven Court, lie the Haunted Mines. Sealed beneath a shadowy graveyard, the undead clamor to be released from their earthen prison.[1]

Map layout[edit | edit source]

"The Haunted Mines" battleground has two levels. A top forest level, and a bottom haunted mines level.

Forest[edit | edit source]

The top forest level, has two lanes, on the north and south edges of the map, with an entrance to the mines from the middle of each one. All of the objectives in the top level are located in a forest in between them and mirrored on the opposite east and west side with an additional one in the center. Mercenaries captured by a team will only attack down the lane opposite from that team's Mine Golem.

The Haunted Mines map top.png

Areas of interest[edit | edit source]

  • Watchtowers - two watchtowers overlook the central west and east sections of the forest.
  • Mercenary camps - there are three mercenary camps to be recruited in this battleground:
    • Siege giants - two siege giants siege mercenary camps at the western and eastern sections of the forest.
    • Knights - one knight bruiser mercenary camp at the center of the forest.

Haunted mines[edit | edit source]

The bottom haunted mines level has two entrances at its north-western and south-western parts. The entrance to the mines is closed until the undead first spawn inside, after witch, the mines are kept opened.

The Haunted Mines map bottom.png

Areas of interest[edit | edit source]

  • Undead Army - Undead in groups of various numbers spawn in 8 different spawn locations all over the mines.
  • Mine Golem - A Mine Golem spawns at the eastern edge of the mines.

Unique objective[edit | edit source]

The unique objective revolves around collecting as many skulls in order to summon the stronger Mine Golem.

Skull collection[edit | edit source]

An Undead Army and Mine Golem will spawn periodically inside the mines. When killed, they drop skulls in a total of 100 skulls with the Mine Golem dropping 50 skulls over the course of the fight against him, with the majority of them dropping when he's killed. To collect skulls, a hero will need to walk over them when they appear.

Mine Golem[edit | edit source]

When all 100 skulls have been collected, Mine Golems will resurrect at both bases, in different lanes. Each Mine Golem's health is dependent on the amount of skulls the team collected in the mines, with the team that collected over 50 skulls having stronger one in strength as well. At the start, the Mine Golem resurrect in its team's base and will walk down the lane smashing buildings and enemies until its defeated. After a certain amount of time, the undead will respawn in the mines. With each consecutive golem phase, the Mine Golems will continue resurrecting from the spot where they were previously killed.

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References[edit | edit source]

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